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Friday, May 4, 2007

fat camp

So I thought that I should update everyone where I am, on the weightloss spectrum, since that was the intended nature of this blog in the first place. Well after 4 days of stair stepping and weight training (my husband, not me) I have lost 3 pounds. It is hard work to resist exercise while your spouse is doing so well. (good job Edgard, I am proud of you) I have a goal to up my exercise resistance to 1 hour/5 times a week. I might even watch him exercise 6 days a week if I am up to it. I don't want to strain myself or poop out when I am just starting. So baby steps... On a more serious note, I lost 3 pounds by eating better (more veggies, less garbage). Now if I could just add exercise to that, I will be melting away.


  1. I laughed, I cried...well, actually I just laughed. That's a great concept! Maybe you could open up a gym and sell memberships in "Fitness Observation".

  2. If we opened up a gym for fitness observation....who would work out??? I'm just sayin'....


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