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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

leaving on a jet plane...

...well, actually, leaving in a Volkswagen is more like it. And I know when Ill be back again. We are going on a mini vacation. Edgard is going to a concert on Wednesday to a city a couple of hours away and so the kids and I will go up with him and we will stay till Sunday!!!
I am all a flutter. I guess that you can tell we don't get out much.
I really think that 4 days vacation will be good. Especially for my waistline. I generally lose weight on vacation. I think that I will this time too. I intend to walk a lot!! We also are going to be in a hotel that is quite a few floors and so I can go up and down the stairs a few times everyday. We shall see.
I think that the hard part will be total lack of computer. I can't do my daily constitutionals on the net like I love to do. I really hope that I come home to a lot of blog entries from my favorite blogs (hint, hint, hint). I may get time to do one more post before I leave but if not...adios hasta el domingo!!!
p.s. personal note to Susie....remember our "no children allowed, mothers day vacation" last year? I was driving!!

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  1. Good pic! Can't wait to read some stories of your great adventure!


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