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Saturday, May 19, 2007

...the path to your desk is laid with good intentions...

So my goal for this lovely Friday was to totally revamp my desk. I am a clutter bug and as we all know, one of the worst things that contributes to clutter is...PAPER. Another fair contributor to clutter is a house the size of your small pinky. Now, my house isn't that is slightly smaller. My desk is actually in my closet. I think that the thing I like about this arrangement is...door shut, mess gone. The big thing I don't like about it? My husband has less room for his vast collection of shoes. (I bet you think I am kidding...did anyone say Imelda Marcos?) So today my husband graciously accepted to watch the children for the evening and I then set to work. Here is the time line:

p. m. removed everything from the shelves above my desk and dusted.

p. m.decided to check my email...

p. m.shook myself from being lost online and made myself go back to work.

p. m. aimlessly looked through things from my desk previously buried and forgotten. I laughed, I cried, I stalled.

p. m. America's funniest home videos (I need to watch it with the family, right?)

p. m. Vow to attack the desk with purpose but I just need to check my email first....

p. m. Drag myself off of (blooper videos). I tell husband "the blooper show is over, I'm getting back to work." He leaves in a trail of snorts, guffaws, and eye rolling as he heads into the living room.

p. m.sorting desk paraphernalia, organizing it into piles...going o.k. so far

11:40 p. m. I suddenly remember that "friends" started 10 minutes ago and so I proceed to watch it... I can organize and watch tv at the same time right?

12:33 a. m. Friends and Frasier is over...bed is covered with desk stuff...I am tired. Where can I put all this stuff? Oh wait, the desk has some room now... I will just pile it on there until I can have another productive day of sorting and organizing. I think I will just go check my email, really quickly......................


  1. Have you thought of using rubbermaids? You can get a lot of paper in them, I can tell you, and they stack so neatly...

  2. well I would but my mom borrowed all of mine for her "organizing" project and so I may never see them again....


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