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Saturday, June 30, 2007

anthony's room

So here is the dresser with Edgard's (non-magnetic as it turns out) magnetic board. We hung it above the dresser instead of the desk and Anthony loves it of course.

More of the dresser. For all the before pictures click here.

This is, the now mature version of, Anthony's bed. See? Not a Thomas train in sight.
Here is the braniac side of the is actually a teensy tiny room so if the picture had panned even slightly to the right you would have had a shot of the bed as well.
I think that the desk turned out very well. I especially like the ottoman/desk chair. It doubles as a seat and storage, plus, it rolls under the desk when not in use to lend more space to the room.Anthony is very proud of his room. He had such a great reaction. He was very overwhelmed but loved everything. He is even keeping it clean......for now.

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painting fools

So as I said before, my husband is going to Mexico.

Well not going.
Right now.

Three weeks ago my mom, because she is crazy, said "hey, we should paint your house to surprise Edgard when he comes home from Mexico."
My reply, because I inherited the crazy gene from her, was "okay!"

So goodbye turquoise and hello...well you will just have to wait to see what we chose.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Once again I will set the scene:

9:30am Wednesday morning---my house.

I am sitting at the table working on a puzzle...very important stuff. My children are checking and double checking to make sure that they didn't miss any spots on the floor after the first cheerios spillage extravaganza. When they are through with that, they decide that it isn't enough to be wading knee-deep in cheerios...but that you should also have a nice collection of toys scattered around to break up the monotony (and to go with the basket of laundry that I am putting off folding). I also feel it is necessary to add that I was in my old gray bathrobe which adds lumps to an already lumpy body and makes me nicely cylindrical. Anthony is in his size 5 p.j's which are looking a little too small and Irene is in Anthony's size 6 p.j's which are definitely looking too large and very puffy as she actually is wearing her own outfit underneath. We weren't looking pretty this morning!
So as the kids and I were watching I Love Lucy at an unreasonable sound level (sorry Edgard...when the cat's away the mice will play...loudly) while pursuing our own endeavors. When out of the kitchen window, I see the top of a man's head passing by on its way to our front door. I thought, fleetingly, of pretending I wasn't home but realized as Ricky was shouting at Lucy that it might be obvious that were were home. I then reluctantly shuffled to the front door with a resigned, embarrassed glance at the mess within the living room. I opened the door and, behold, the head was attached to a body. The man (about 18 to 21 I would imagine) asked how I was doing and when I said fine he then introduced himself as Oliver. As he started in I faintly wondered what he was going to try to sell me when I suddenly realized that I was straining to understand him. I had a real life honest to goodness Frenchman at my doorstep! He was such a nice polite young man that he didn't even blink at my robe, the children's attire and the general slovenly appearance of the abode (bless his French little heart).
So as he went into his sales pitch, I figured that the best thing for me, when I am caught in a situation like this, is to be as graceful as I can. For one fleeting moment my children stood in rapt attention as he showed very beautiful children's books that he was offering for sale. He then asked how old the children were and when I told him. He then asked if we at all liked books. I laughed and said yes with a quick glance around my living room at all the books. Well, at that, my children hightailed it to unknown parts of the house. I listened politely while trying to think of a classy way to explain to him that I am way too cheap to buy his company's nice books. Suddenly my daughter reappeared in her hideously over sized p.j's and I thought, well if I take those off really quickly, then Oliver can see that I manage to get at least 1/3 of this zoo dressed in the morning. I did that and Irene ran off in her nice girly pink top and shorts. She no sooner disappeared when here comes Anthony with his Bible, no less. I sent him off and back comes Irene who starts chanting "down, down, down" which means up. I pick her up while at the same time unwittingly entering myself in to a one sided staring contest. I continue to politely listen to Oliver but can feel the beady little eyes staring at the side of my head with fierce intensity. More sales talk on Oliver's side, more polite listening from me and more staring from Irene. After I burst out laughing I apologized to Oliver and mumbled something about my children being clowns. The words no sooner left my mouth when Anthony returned with the Bible still in his under sized p.j's but now with a badly bent bright red cowboy hat and some crooked sunglasses. At this point all grace has left me and I am just waiting for the opportunity to tell Oliver that there is no way we can buy his overpriced books and at the same time turning Anthony around to the general direction of his bedroom. He leaves
but then promptly returns without hat and glasses but reading his Bible upside down. I turn him around to his bedroom again and hiss "go get dressed". I then have a few moments alone with Oliver to try to get things wrapped up when here they come again.... the children. This time they are both respectably dressed and both with their Bibles. They cop a squat right at the door in a nice church camp bonfire formation and proceeded to read their own bibles. At this point Oliver was packing fairly quickly. If by any chance you read this, Oliver: You got a true picture of my life.

yep...i'm the grumpy neighbor

So I will set the scene.

12:30 am Wednesday morning--my bedroom.

I am sitting in my closet on the computer (yes, I said the closet...what can I say, we have a tiny house) It was a dreadfully hot day and I finally was enjoying the house at a nice reasonable temperature when I realized that the party that the neighbors were having was still going strong. Nothing wild. They usually just sit down in their backyard talking and laughing. That is fine. I don't mind that. I do think it is odd that this is happening on a Tuesday night (Wednesday morning). They usually do this regularly every Friday night during the summer. Now as I stated before: I am the grumpy neighbor,but, I can usually hold my grumpiness in and reserve it to a few ugly grimaces at the windows
(blinds closed of course) in the general direction of whatever disturbance might be invading my sanctuary of the weird. After all I was young once too, I think it was last april. Now I am a stately (really stately) and mature 29 and I deserve my solitude and tranquility.

Back to this I am on the computer---no surprise there---when I suddenly realize that I am cringing every few minutes. Why, you ask? Well, I will tell you. My neighbors and their friends were feeling the need to punctuate every other utterance with the F-word.
I swear to you that I am not a prude. I recall fondly the days in my youth when I used to swear like a sailor. The difference is that I never did it in the presence of any one who would get offended (or punish me---hi mom) My vocabulary grew and I eventually matured out if it.
The thing that angers me about my neighbors and anyone else that cusses with wild abandon, when they don't care who can hear, is how rude and uncaring it is. Now, I realize that the very same free speech that allows me to be ranting right now is the same that they have when they are cussing so loudly in public. But what about respecting someone else. Yes, I am talking to you, pimply faced kid who cusses in front of my children at the grocery store and to you dating/married couple in a public domestic fight. Seriously!!! What about RESPECT.
Wow, I feel so much better. Thanks

Monday, June 25, 2007


first week 194.5

last week 191

today 191

pounds lost last week 0 pounds

total pounds lost 3.5

well...really!!! To look at theses would think that I need to exercise and eat better or something!!!

Well.....maybe I should start exercising...and a little less food would probably help. I'll see what I can do.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

a little bit of before

So as I mentioned in the other are some before pictures of two pieces that are now painted.

I had actually forgotten to take the before pictures until I had started working on the desk and the dresser so I have some creative angles to give you an idea of what they looked like before I started ripping off hardware and sanding.

Definitely too froo-froo for my son with the pretty design on the dresser. (I hope that this dweeby dresser wasn't somebody's childhood treasure because its a-changing)
I will be able to post the after photos (of the entire room) on stay-tuned!! the way---a little side note connected with my weight loss. I exercised this Sunday---on this:

The exercise I chose was to pump it up. Very strenuous. Quite advanced. Well...o.k. I pumped it up maybe 75% of the way but then my dear son looked at me with his adoring eyes and said "mother darling, may I have a go with that? It truly looks as if it would be quite diverting." Who am I to deny my son the privilege of pumping up the ball when he puts it so nicely. Well, maybe I only blew it up 50% because then my daughter---the two year old---said "Mummy, I too would like a chance at such an entertaining object. When my brother tires of it---would you mind terribly if I had some time with it as well? I promise I will patiently wait my turn until then." What's a mom to do? O.k.---truth be told I may have only given it a trial pump and then my husband wistfully looked at me---then, accompanied by some odd form of primitive signs, he said "ooh ooh ah ah" Well, how could I resist.

I can't wait to get some real exercise out if though...and I think that I have just thought of the first thing I plan to do with it.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

paint by numbers

So Edgard and I are busy little beavers with painting Anthony's furniture. I cleaned and scuffed the desk and gave it its first coat last night. This morning when Irene woke me up, Edgard was already washing out the paintbrush from putting the second coat on the desk. Now we need to paint the bookcase and we (Edgard) need(s) to patch the holes in the dresser and paint it as well. We got plain round silver knobs for both the desk and the dresser. I think that Anthony's room is going to look so good!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


My daughter's outfit.
At one point she had a cute pink top with matching shorts, but somewhere along the line she switched it out for this lovely orange number of her brother's.

Anthony is at the stage where he doesn't want his picture taken. This is another instance of the same camera-shyness that hit him at 1, 2, 3, and 4 years of age.

Sometimes I think that he isn't camera-shy---maybe he likes to mess with his mom...just a little.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

so here's the plan...

My son is turning 6 on the 29th of this month.
His room, when he was a baby, was decorated in moons and stars...he had no choice in this.
When he grew a bit, his room was then switched to Curious George----once again, this was totally against his will.

He grew even more (regardless of my attempts to arrest all development) and showed a penchant for Thomas the Tank and Friends. I promptly sewed Thomas curtains. Three months later I took them down---ripped out all the threads and sewed the curtains right side up. He had the Thomas blankets, Thomas alarm clock, various Thomas toys and much, much more. He still had no say. Sure, he liked Thomas----did he want a Thomas room? I'll never know.
I feel now that he is growing in to such a little man he should, perhaps, have a room that reflects that. Am I going to ask him what he wants for room decor? No way!
The plan is to surprise him with a redecorated room when he wakes up the morning of his birthday. We will give him the birthday treat of getting to sleep with us...and while he slumbers.....the birthday fairies (one "bossy mom on a mission" fairy and one "disgruntled Mexican dad" helper fairy) will totally change his room. The theme you ask? Volkswagen (with a side of surfboards) He loves our VW Jetta, which he calls daddy-home (can you guess why?)
I am not planning to spend a lot of money just in case it sounds like I have the ability to redecorate at whim, with an unlimited budget. I found a new blue comforter at a discount store. I have purchased a new, to us, desk at a garage sale for $20 which my best friend, Susie, found for me. The very same Susie that is donating a dresser---free of charge. So that really helps. I then bought (very) dark blue paint, to paint all of the furniture to match. Edgard's personal contribution is to take a piece of metal that will be Anthony's magnetic bulletin board and paint his initial on it. Something Anthony will be very proud of, no doubt.
All in all, this project has been very low cost with the furniture paint being the most expensive thus far.
And yes----I will do the before and after picture thingy.

The scary thing will be finding the motivation to chuck my lazy habits long enough to get it done. (you heard it here first, folks. Floja Mama is going to attempt something)

Monday, June 18, 2007

monday stats

first week 194.5

last week 190.5

today 191

pounds lost last week (gained) 0.5 pounds

total pounds lost 3.5

I am sure that this week would have been a conservative loss but father's day done did me in!! No excuses----the numbers are what they are and they don't lie. But they won't lie next week either, when I register another good loss like I did the first week. I seriously want to work towards my goal of surprising the heck out of my husband. Just watch me!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

what have I got to lose

I am not sure if any of my faithful readers remember that I set a goal for myself 5 weeks ago. Do you remember, faithful readers? Mom? I am asking you a question! I had hoped to lose 10 pounds by this date (June 16th). I will be meeting new people today and I really don't like the first impression of me to be, primarily, of my size.
Well, I did manage to lose 4 pounds. If you have been reading regularly, then you know that this has only taken place in the the last week or so. I am a little saddened that it took me an additional 4 weeks to get my act together and start losing, but-----believe me---it doesn't diminish that I still actually lost 4 pounds!!! I definitely could have gained.
So the time has come to set another goal. I seem to work best when I have something to aim for. So allow me to explain what I have in mind. My husband is going away for a week. (no, my goal is not to be single) I was thinking that even though he will only be gone a week...I want to work as hard as I can and lose at least 5 pounds that week. I know that 5 pounds will not be noticeable, but I have about 2 weeks before he is going. I could lose another 5 pounds before he goes---and if you put that together with the 4 pounds that I already lost and the 5 pounds I hope to lose. Altogether that makes 14 pounds. He may notice a difference after being away and not seeing me daily (lucky him) if it is a total of 14 pounds. I hope that I can do it!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

unusual suspects

The crime happened sometime around the first of June. There were no witnesses apart from the victim. No leads----few suspects---the trail---ice cold.

The Victim:

The Suspects:

Possible disguises:

Their story: Nobody saw nothin'----no how!
This mama ain't buying it!!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

relay for life

I thought that I would give a shout out to my friend Dawn. Every year she participates in Relay For Life, and does so well with it, that I wanted to add a link to her donation page so that anyone that wanted to donate---through her team---could do so. I will also put up a link on the sidebar for the duration of the Relay. Good luck this year Dawn.
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here 'tis

So I have decided that I am not going to share all of my measurements every Monday----I think that I will post it every month instead. I will still measure weekly, but I doubt that there will be a huge change there---so a monthly post of those particular numbers will do nicely. What I will do, is post my weight every Monday. I also encourage people, if they want to play along, to do so every Monday. Simply leave a comment with your weight and whatever else (with exceptions of course) you want.
Without further ado----my weight. (drum roll, Edgard, please)

last week 194.5

today 190.5

total pounds lost 4

A very good first week I think!!
Now how about all you people out there----bare your soul!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

how to lose weight

One of the best ways to lose weight is to have a great support system. I personally have my mom, my best friend Susie and my friend Dawn (who has already lost 39+ pounds). Lastly I have a diet buddy, who is to remain anonymous, that keeps me on track. I really appreciate the help that I get from this person, let's call them "Ane" to protect their identity. Ane has been a daily reminder to stay strong. They wouldn't fall prey to the dark side of a hamburger on the second day of dieting and they wouldn't let me either. I really am thankful for this friend. To tell the truth, Ane is like a sister to me!

Friday, June 8, 2007

the most dangerous day of the week

...for a diet that is. This is the brink of the weekend and that is sometimes the death knell of any dieter's plans. But not this fat lady!!! I feel really good so far (said the fat lady, five days into a new diet) and I am liking the idea of having a more relaxed regimen. I try to eat balanced (a certain amount of proteins and vegetables and fruits etc.) but when I happen to eat more than my alloted food group, I just mark off some other food group and still try to keep at a certain caloric level. I feel, sometimes that I am cheating, but calorie-wise, I am not. I then get back to eating better (all my food groups) the next day and the nice thing is, I should always lose weight consistently.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

let's pack it up....

So today, as soon as my husband gets home, a friend and I will be heading to a mutual friend's house to help her pack. So as to protect the privacy of my two friends, I will give them assumed names. So, shall we say, "Soozee" and I will head over to "Mushell's" house to pack for her great big move this weekend.
Now Mushell also happens to be pregnant which is usually a very fun element to add to the moving process. She really knows how to live it up!!
She told Soozee
over the phone, and then Soozee passed it along to me, that we would be packing up her chicken tonight. Soozee may have gotten something wrong in the translation, though, as I am sure that Mushell has no poultry at her house (she does have a few squirrels though).
We plan to really get a lot of things done tonight as my husband "Ricky Ricardo" and Soozee's husband "Kristufer" (you thought I was gonna say Fred Mertz) will be helping Mushell's husband "Sakkarayuh" with the actual heavy moving this weekend. I would rather that we make that part as easy as possible for them.
The nice thing about Mushell's moving is that she will actually be closer to Soozee and I.
Soozee lives within walking distance from, and if you know me at all, you know that she must be extremely close since I am the laziest person alive!! So with Mushell living so close she can waddle her pregnant belly over to our house more often....Right Mushell???
Well I am off to remake my bed for the second time today after 3 very unruly children (I won't mention that 2/3 of them were mine) jumped all over it...and right after I had looking like a bed out of a Macy's catalog.

A personal aside for R. H.---good luck with the surgery!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

before and after

So here is the finished know...the same driveway we said we would be doing on memorial day!
Well it is now done. We may take a while getting started on something...but when we do...there is no stopping us (unless we can think of something better to do instead).
Here are some before and after shots.

Thank goodness this lazy woman does not have a lazy husband.

Monday, June 4, 2007

How do you start a post, in which you are about to bare the most intimate (read embarrassing) details of your personal life. Some people would think that sharing their size isn't that big (no pun intended) of a deal, but for someone like me, who is blissfully pretending that I am a size 2, it can be rather shameful. I am a generous size fourteen, by the way. I am not trying to shame myself into losing weight but I thought that this could be a serious motivator. If in the case that I stay the same or (gulp) gain, I will always post and I will always be brutally honest. Just a side note,for all those who are interested about my plan of action to get this weight off, here is the scoop. I am going to go on a 1400 calorie diet. I plan to eat a very balanced plan that I can stick with for the rest of my life (adding calories once I lose the excess poundage). I also want to add exercise slowly, basically bringing regular activity into my life until I am more active than I am now. I am pretty active now with the kids. I also fidget a lot. I cannot watch t.v. without doing something. It shows you, though how much food I was consuming.
So I think that I have stalled enough. Here goes......

Weight (lbs) 194.5

Measurements (inches)

upper arm 15"

chest 44"
stomach 46"
hips 48"

thigh 26"

So now, if you have tried to mentally calculate what I look like, you probably are picturing a
block...with hair. Well it that is a fair assumption...but I truly hope to change that.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

just to warn you

I am going to make Mondays---measurement Mondays! I plan to post the all the gory details of my size every Monday for all the world to see. That way, when I shrink away (or the reverse) you will know!
I am as red as a beet right now thinking about posting all that info, but I believe it is for the best. Feedback would be greatly appreciated-----did that sound like I was begging? No? Okay then, how is this? Please, please, please----really, anything at all. Any advice or questions or kudos or even the occasional "get up and move tubby."
So join me this Monday for the first edition of "whoa, big mama" courtesy of: three day blog (that's me).

Saturday, June 2, 2007

my view of the world

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