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Saturday, June 30, 2007

anthony's room

So here is the dresser with Edgard's (non-magnetic as it turns out) magnetic board. We hung it above the dresser instead of the desk and Anthony loves it of course.

More of the dresser. For all the before pictures click here.

This is, the now mature version of, Anthony's bed. See? Not a Thomas train in sight.
Here is the braniac side of the is actually a teensy tiny room so if the picture had panned even slightly to the right you would have had a shot of the bed as well.
I think that the desk turned out very well. I especially like the ottoman/desk chair. It doubles as a seat and storage, plus, it rolls under the desk when not in use to lend more space to the room.Anthony is very proud of his room. He had such a great reaction. He was very overwhelmed but loved everything. He is even keeping it clean......for now.

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