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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

let's pack it up....

So today, as soon as my husband gets home, a friend and I will be heading to a mutual friend's house to help her pack. So as to protect the privacy of my two friends, I will give them assumed names. So, shall we say, "Soozee" and I will head over to "Mushell's" house to pack for her great big move this weekend.
Now Mushell also happens to be pregnant which is usually a very fun element to add to the moving process. She really knows how to live it up!!
She told Soozee
over the phone, and then Soozee passed it along to me, that we would be packing up her chicken tonight. Soozee may have gotten something wrong in the translation, though, as I am sure that Mushell has no poultry at her house (she does have a few squirrels though).
We plan to really get a lot of things done tonight as my husband "Ricky Ricardo" and Soozee's husband "Kristufer" (you thought I was gonna say Fred Mertz) will be helping Mushell's husband "Sakkarayuh" with the actual heavy moving this weekend. I would rather that we make that part as easy as possible for them.
The nice thing about Mushell's moving is that she will actually be closer to Soozee and I.
Soozee lives within walking distance from, and if you know me at all, you know that she must be extremely close since I am the laziest person alive!! So with Mushell living so close she can waddle her pregnant belly over to our house more often....Right Mushell???
Well I am off to remake my bed for the second time today after 3 very unruly children (I won't mention that 2/3 of them were mine) jumped all over it...and right after I had looking like a bed out of a Macy's catalog.

A personal aside for R. H.---good luck with the surgery!!!

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