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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

so here's the plan...

My son is turning 6 on the 29th of this month.
His room, when he was a baby, was decorated in moons and stars...he had no choice in this.
When he grew a bit, his room was then switched to Curious George----once again, this was totally against his will.

He grew even more (regardless of my attempts to arrest all development) and showed a penchant for Thomas the Tank and Friends. I promptly sewed Thomas curtains. Three months later I took them down---ripped out all the threads and sewed the curtains right side up. He had the Thomas blankets, Thomas alarm clock, various Thomas toys and much, much more. He still had no say. Sure, he liked Thomas----did he want a Thomas room? I'll never know.
I feel now that he is growing in to such a little man he should, perhaps, have a room that reflects that. Am I going to ask him what he wants for room decor? No way!
The plan is to surprise him with a redecorated room when he wakes up the morning of his birthday. We will give him the birthday treat of getting to sleep with us...and while he slumbers.....the birthday fairies (one "bossy mom on a mission" fairy and one "disgruntled Mexican dad" helper fairy) will totally change his room. The theme you ask? Volkswagen (with a side of surfboards) He loves our VW Jetta, which he calls daddy-home (can you guess why?)
I am not planning to spend a lot of money just in case it sounds like I have the ability to redecorate at whim, with an unlimited budget. I found a new blue comforter at a discount store. I have purchased a new, to us, desk at a garage sale for $20 which my best friend, Susie, found for me. The very same Susie that is donating a dresser---free of charge. So that really helps. I then bought (very) dark blue paint, to paint all of the furniture to match. Edgard's personal contribution is to take a piece of metal that will be Anthony's magnetic bulletin board and paint his initial on it. Something Anthony will be very proud of, no doubt.
All in all, this project has been very low cost with the furniture paint being the most expensive thus far.
And yes----I will do the before and after picture thingy.

The scary thing will be finding the motivation to chuck my lazy habits long enough to get it done. (you heard it here first, folks. Floja Mama is going to attempt something)


  1. thanks for commenting on my blog! =)

    aren't you the coolest mom ever????

    that's pretty cool. i would have loved anythign like that when i was a kid...when i "spawn" i have full intention on doing the same thing...redecorating my kids room...of course with no input for them at *wink*

  2. That is our total privilege as moms. I am not so sure they will still let me do it when they are living somewhere else (but I'm going to try)

  3. OMG! That is awesome!! My oldest son is 2 1/2 and he's already expressing his desire for a THOMAS ROOM!! I hope you have a great birthday countdown for your son.. he's adorable!!
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

  4. Isn't it amazing how much time Thomas the Tank really spends in your life as a mom. The only thing left is to get down on the floor and play trains myself----well, ok, I guess I have done that too!!

  5. I love the compulsive decorater in you!! I can relate. I have often wondered when I watch the "extreme Makeover" crew spend waht looks to be thousands of dollars on a Bowling room or wahtever for the child of the home.. how long that child would like bowling.. I am inspired by your thriftiness!! and I LOVE that pic of your son and his dad.. how precious. I found you via Pinks and Blues. Great blog!

  6. I think the same thing about those kind of crazy room you remember the one with sand in the child's room? Costly AND impractical.
    by the way---I'm loving your other site too.
    totally up my alley!

  7. Rachel,
    Thanks for stopping over at Pinks & Blues Girls!!
    - Audrey

  8. keeping up with me would be great! i need all the support i can get....heh heh...for those dark days that i am sure are coming.

    we phat girlz gotta stick together.


  9. I think I just read your blog for your funny pictures :) oh and the mexican jokes !!

  10. What Mexican jokes? oh, hey---did you hear the one about the.... never mind.


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