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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

yep...i'm the grumpy neighbor

So I will set the scene.

12:30 am Wednesday morning--my bedroom.

I am sitting in my closet on the computer (yes, I said the closet...what can I say, we have a tiny house) It was a dreadfully hot day and I finally was enjoying the house at a nice reasonable temperature when I realized that the party that the neighbors were having was still going strong. Nothing wild. They usually just sit down in their backyard talking and laughing. That is fine. I don't mind that. I do think it is odd that this is happening on a Tuesday night (Wednesday morning). They usually do this regularly every Friday night during the summer. Now as I stated before: I am the grumpy neighbor,but, I can usually hold my grumpiness in and reserve it to a few ugly grimaces at the windows
(blinds closed of course) in the general direction of whatever disturbance might be invading my sanctuary of the weird. After all I was young once too, I think it was last april. Now I am a stately (really stately) and mature 29 and I deserve my solitude and tranquility.

Back to this I am on the computer---no surprise there---when I suddenly realize that I am cringing every few minutes. Why, you ask? Well, I will tell you. My neighbors and their friends were feeling the need to punctuate every other utterance with the F-word.
I swear to you that I am not a prude. I recall fondly the days in my youth when I used to swear like a sailor. The difference is that I never did it in the presence of any one who would get offended (or punish me---hi mom) My vocabulary grew and I eventually matured out if it.
The thing that angers me about my neighbors and anyone else that cusses with wild abandon, when they don't care who can hear, is how rude and uncaring it is. Now, I realize that the very same free speech that allows me to be ranting right now is the same that they have when they are cussing so loudly in public. But what about respecting someone else. Yes, I am talking to you, pimply faced kid who cusses in front of my children at the grocery store and to you dating/married couple in a public domestic fight. Seriously!!! What about RESPECT.
Wow, I feel so much better. Thanks


  1. LOL I do swear about as much as I use any combination of other words but I am also careful not to offend other people. And I hate hate hate it when I see other parents swearing AT their kids in the supermarket...

  2. I am glad that you (as a person who swears) understand what I mean about the respect factor. ...that, and I think that swearing just sounds better in a British accent.


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