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Friday, August 31, 2007


So here are a few (read: enough to kill with boredom) pictures from our camping trip.
Since it is almost labor day I will be back to our regularly scheduled program on Tuesday. While I was away, I was tagged for a meme (my first official tag) and nominated for an award(my second, no less appreciated---in fact I'm giddy---award) so I will fill you in on the details on the aforesaid mentioned Tuesday.
multnomah falls
Multnomah Falls

beautiful blue sky
A close proximity to our campground.

anthony's campfire
Isn't it fun to play in the dirt when you are camping?

Irene at charburger
Our, second in command, clown.

la familia otra ves
My beautiful family.

stubborn, independent irene
Irene just has to do everything herself.

Anthony unsuccessfully avoiding the camera.

Irene and the bridge of the gods
Irene at the bridge of the gods. I didn't make that name up folks. It is really the name of the bridge that connects Oregon to Washington over the Columbia river.

rock quarry otra ves
A rock quarry we found next to the river. We had fun exploring everything.

edgard's toy
Now this is Edgard's idea of a camping trip!

Friday, August 24, 2007


We are going camping.

It should be really fun.

I have this image of what camping should be.

I also have a nagging feeling of what it will be.

I will let you know how it went, when we return.

I now leave you with some camping tips I found online in case you decide, in my absence, to go insane camping, as well.

Some Camping Tips

  • When using a public campground, a tuba placed on your picnic table will keep the campsites on either side vacant.

  • Get even with a bear who raided your food bag by kicking his favorite stump apart and eating all the ants.

  • Old socks can be made into high fiber beef jerky by smoking them over an open fire.

  • When smoking a fish, never inhale.

  • A hot rock placed in your sleeping bag will keep your feet warm. A hot enchilada works almost as well, but the cheese sticks between your toes.

  • The best backpacks are named for national parks or mountain ranges. Steer clear of those named for landfills.

  • While the Swiss Army Knife has been popular for years, the Swiss Navy Knife has remained largely unheard of. Its single blade functions as a tiny canoe paddle.

  • Lint from your navel makes a handy fire starter. Warning: Remove lint from navel before applying the match.

  • You can duplicate the warmth of a down-filled bedroll by climbing into a plastic garbage bag with several geese.

  • When camping, always wear a long-sleeved shirt. It gives you something to wipe your nose on.

  • A two-man pup tent does not include two men or a pup.

  • In emergency situations, you can survive in the wilderness by shooting small game with a slingshot made from the elastic waistband of your underwear.

  • The guitar of the noisy teenager at the next campsite makes excellent kindling.

  • Check the washing instructions before purchasing any apparel to be worn camping. Buy only those that read "Beat on a rock in stream."

  • The sight of a bald eagle has thrilled campers for generations. The sight of a bald man, however, does absolutely nothing for the eagle.

  • Bear bells provide an element of safety for hikers in grizzly country. The tricky part is getting them on the bears.

  • You'll never be awakened by the call of a loon if you have an unlisted number.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

well why don't you keep it for me.

I am smart.

Simply brilliant.

This was the optimistic thought bouncing around my head one day after my son
brought me a picture that he drew for me. I admired it, oohed and awed over it, and generally made quite the to-do about it. And then I attempted to hand it back. "oh no Mommy, its yours. I made it for you." I felt my smile falter for an instant but caught myself immediately. I was imagining all those precious drawings I already have. The ones that need their own room... or house... or paper storage facility.
Don't misunderstand me...I love these creative endeavors of my children. It is just the age old question of; "what do I do with all this crap artwork" that gives me pause. So I thought that I must have been channeling Einstein, when I coolly replied "oh I
love it, what a gorgeous picture. Will you keep it for me, so it stays safe?" He agreed readily and ran to put it in an undisclosed location.
Here is the success of my proposal.
Anthony keeps all of the drawings that he makes for me in his room and I never see them again. Any overflow he may have, is then passed on to Irene, who usually will give them to daddy for safekeeping. Daddy, who is infinitely nicer than me, accepts every paper gift, from Anthony, by announcing "I am going to keep this to put in my locker at work." I don't want to say that Daddy is a bold faced liar but I personally
know that Daddy should have enough artwork, by now, to paper the palacio de bellas artes.....

Inside and out.....


Irene and I now need to safeguard all of the artwork that Anthony commissions for his own private collection.
Irene and Anthony have to keep the little drawings that daddy makes for them.

Daddy and I keep all of the work that Irene makes because: "oh look, doesn't that kind of look like a circle"---"oh look her first circle"---"oh look her first page full of circles".
Now luckily I don't draw so no one has to save anything of mine...but I am a compulsive list maker and I found that if I leave any list unattended that I will find
little hoarded piles of them in both Anthony and Irene's room.

Note to self:

1.remove all "to do" lists from children's bedrooms.

2.figure out new plan for storing children's artwork.

A little art sampling of the maestro (dog at right is Daddy's handiwork)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

eight years

Today is our eighth wedding anniversary.
In honor of that, I would like to transcribe a card written by my husband that I received on our fifth anniversary. It is the collected and random thoughts of my husband written in every available space of the card.

Amor: Today is a wonderful day. I have been counting the days, but without a doubt, it does not seem to be five years. Everything is as nice as before but with a lot more satisfaction and pride in our marriage. I am happy to have you by my side all the time.
To know that you are a great mother keeps me calm and that every time I make a mistake, you talk to me and teach me something new.
You are my angel (I love you).
I don't know what it is, but to talk about our marriage is a great thing. It makes me feel a huge happiness (never ends).
Anthony adds beauty to our relationship and it is because you are his mamá.
(side note: I was pregnant with Irene at this time)

I love to come back (from work) and see you after five years of hating Mondays just because I will not be with you.
I truly believe everything is so fresh---to do things together all the time.
We have accomplished a lot of things in five years because this is what we wanted---because we felt in love each other---because we are willing to sacrifice, in order to make this work.
This is wonderful and I never thought marriage would be like this. Let's give each other---you, me, Anthony and Irene---100 more years.
With all my heart R. E. B. M. (8/21/04)


Monday, August 20, 2007

two steps forward, one step back.

last week: 187.5

today: 190

gained: 2.5 lbs

I have nobody to blame but myself.
And McDonald's.
But they didn't force me.
So no one but myself.
But they have those
fetching golden arches.
Not to mention Ronnie McDonnie.
But no...I still chose to waddle my overlarge tail in there and order a happy meal.
I said happy meal.
My dieter's compromise.
So I guess I have nobody to blame but myself.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

33 seconds of pure genius

My husband, the drummer, decided one day that he would like to take up the guitar. This is a sampling of what he can do after a short time of teaching himself how to play. This isn't any particular song---just something that he is making up as he goes along. He has also decided to teach himself bass and keyboard.
Just a side note: This description was written by a very proud wife. No bragging was intended on the part of the husband. In fact, he was asleep when I uploaded the video. Surprise!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

somos hermanos

I just have to say, the biggest blessing that I have with my two children is the love they have for each other. From the moment that I let Anthony know that he would be having a new sister, he was completely on board. On the other hand, Irene, once she realized that she was born to a brother that would wait on her hand and foot, she quickly got on board. It is very sweet to see how Anthony patiently explains something to Irene that she doesn't know. I have to add, he has more patience with her than he does with me. He has informed my best friend Susie, and I suspect any one who would listen, that his mother " just doesn't understand"! Irene equally worships her brother. She watches everything that he does and toddles after him wherever he goes...that would include the bathroom. Anthony put a stop to that one right away. I mean, the man needs his privacy! That certainly doesn't stop Irene from patiently waiting outside the door, pacing, with a running stream of commentary.
I know that there will be a time when they won't be relying on each other so much. They will grow and make friends. I think, though, that there is a great bond that will never be broken. I never had t
hat wonderful sibling bond, so I am having so much fun watching these two characters.
Here are a few pictures from
yesterday, when Anthony requested to put Irene down for her nap.
This is so cute, you may get
nauseated...just a friendly warning!!!

la consentida y su cama nueva

So Irene is now in a big girl bed. No more crib. We officially have no babies at our house.
Sniff, sniff.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

cafe con leche

I just have to say that I love my new-ish coffee cups. They are nice and thick and keep my coffee warm. I know that this seems a little odd to be writing, what amounts to, an ode to my coffee cup but I really think that coffee tastes better if it is in a nice mug. I know---I might be a little crazy.

Monday, August 13, 2007

weigh in

first week 194.5

last week 188

today 187.5

pounds lost last week 0.5

total pounds lost 7.0

I hope that I can try harder and give you some spectacular results next week. I am going to add some physical exercise in. One step at a time. At this point I am feeling totally uninspired! Tonight I have a ladies night out with a group of stay at home moms and a pedicure with my best friend Susie. If that doesn't inspire me...nothing will!

Friday, August 10, 2007

this is my dream...

This couple, who have literally just retired, are on the countdown to what I can only dream of doing. Moving to, and living in, México. They are moving from Washington state to Mazatlan.
The other amazing thing, is that they are selling---already sold---everything! They are only taking what will fit in their minivan.
These people are doing all the things that I want to do. I, too, want to get rid of all my crap
priceless treasures and go live in México.
You know---they are already going to drive through Oregon---I wonder if they would want to swing by and pick us up?
Don't they want to take two cute Mexican kids and their unassuming parents?
We'll share driving duties.
Probably not.
I wouldn't.
Well, at any rate it is just an enjoyable privilege to follow along in their journey. Go check it out!

check it out

Just Married Chilean Style needs our help (votes). Go check out on her blog what it is all about. She has submitted a story and a picture to jpgmag. I think that you will find yourself voting for her. She does good work! Oh---and if you really want to help her out even more...give her a shout on your own blog to spread the word.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

well ain't that just grand

So I would like to introduce you to my diet buddy.
I just have to say, right off the bat, that I don't in any way like shrek, or anything to do with shrek---I like my humor clever, not crude---but when my daughter, Irene, got this toy in her happy meal, I took it away intending to toss it out. It was then that I realized that there was something familiar about the pudgy body and round face with red hair. She looks just like my future. If I gain anything else---I will look like this. This can not happen. There still is time---I do not resemble this---yet. I decided right then and there that I would leave this toy on my desk to remind me of what I am working to avoid.

Flash forward two weeks later. My daughter wants to play with mommy's toy. She cannot reach it. Mommy realizes her minion Anthony is close by and can fetch it for Irene---thus avoiding the problem of mommy expending any unnecessary energy. Hey...we are all trying to do our part to keep things green. What can I say? Anthony leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than I do. So here is how it went down:

Me: Anthony? Can you get down mommy's toy and give it to Irene?

Anthony: Your toy? What is your toy?

Me: You know...the one on my desk. The one that looks like me.

Anthony: (in a plaintive tone) oooooohhhh no...Mommy no! .......You don't have a crown.

I may shoot myself later...but you can bet it won't be because I lack a crown!!
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

a little weight related update...

I haven't gone down a size (I am a size 14) but I am happy all the same. The reason, is because I finally fit into the size that I have been masquerading as all this time. No more muffin top!! I have not lost too much, but apparently it was all that was making me spill over the top of my jeans. I will take that as a victory! I will let you know when I muffin top my way into size twelve.

monday stats on tuesday morning

---it is 2:11 a.m., Tuesday morning, and I am a little late in getting you my weigh in information. I stood my little big rear on the scale early this morning as scheduled, but the day just ran away with me. I woke up with a headache and am going to bed with a headache. In between that, though, I helped a friend who really needed it. Either that, or she let me think that I was helping, as some master of order and organization, and then laughed herself right into the labor and delivery ward of the hospital after I left.

Without further ado:

first week 194.5

last week 192

today 188

pounds lost last week 4

total pounds lost 6.5


Saturday, August 4, 2007

a little lucy

I will leave you to your happy weekend with a little scene from "I Love Lucy"
1/30/56: "Lucy Meets the Queen" I Love Lucy Episode 142 - Filmed 12/15/55

After Lucy and Ethel ask for directions from a British man and are unable to understand him---Ethel replies "You'll have to excuse us. We're from America. We don't speak English."

Friday, August 3, 2007

a little indulgence...

Last night, my two friends---I will call them Susie* and Michelle*--- and I went grocery shopping.
All in one car.
All with optimistic attitudes and silly grins on our faces.
The grins were wiped off pretty soon by a super shopper with a bad hip, a pregnant woman, and a fat lady who followed the other two around and just wouldn't shut up.
That was the way.
We started at 8:00 p.m. and didn't leave the store---two FULL grocery carts later---until 10:00 p.m.
We left with a hobbling super shopper, an unbearably whiny pregnant woman and a fat lady who still wouldn't shut up.
So you will forgive me if I went to Shari's and had a buttermilk pancake griddle breakfast.
I finally got home after 12:00 a.m. and tallied up my calories. I didn't do too stinking bad! I only ate bites of everything (and all the pancakes) and for the entire day I basically ate enough calories to maintain a 120 pound woman. What 120 pound woman? I don't know. I think, though, that I did well. Even with my little extra meal....I did well.

*those are their real names...protect them from what? There is no worse thing, than to have me as a friend.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

imaginary friends

A tidbit from the world of Anthony:

My son does not have an imaginary friend.
He has an imaginary lawyer.
An imaginary lawyer that he fired, day before yesterday, because he was charging too much.

El Abuelo y su gemelo en las gemelas
Anthony with his Abuelo at the restaurant Las Gemelas (Mexico City)