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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

eight years

Today is our eighth wedding anniversary.
In honor of that, I would like to transcribe a card written by my husband that I received on our fifth anniversary. It is the collected and random thoughts of my husband written in every available space of the card.

Amor: Today is a wonderful day. I have been counting the days, but without a doubt, it does not seem to be five years. Everything is as nice as before but with a lot more satisfaction and pride in our marriage. I am happy to have you by my side all the time.
To know that you are a great mother keeps me calm and that every time I make a mistake, you talk to me and teach me something new.
You are my angel (I love you).
I don't know what it is, but to talk about our marriage is a great thing. It makes me feel a huge happiness (never ends).
Anthony adds beauty to our relationship and it is because you are his mamá.
(side note: I was pregnant with Irene at this time)

I love to come back (from work) and see you after five years of hating Mondays just because I will not be with you.
I truly believe everything is so fresh---to do things together all the time.
We have accomplished a lot of things in five years because this is what we wanted---because we felt in love each other---because we are willing to sacrifice, in order to make this work.
This is wonderful and I never thought marriage would be like this. Let's give each other---you, me, Anthony and Irene---100 more years.
With all my heart R. E. B. M. (8/21/04)



  1. Pero que Currrrsssiiiiiii!!!!!!!

    Feclicidades a ambos dos

    Juan Carlos "meteoro" Colín

  2. Happy anniversary!! What a beautiful photo. We have been married 8 years this year too!

  3. That is such a beautiful letter! What a special note to receive on your 5th anniversary.

    You are so blessed to have each other. Happy 8th Anniversary to you both!

    Jane, P&B Girls

  4. Happy Anniversary! That was such a romantic gesture from your husband. For a man to pay tribute like that to his wife, you must be a great woman! ;)

    Enjoy your special day.

  5. Two things:

    1. What beautiful sentiments from your hubby.

    2. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

    3. What a handsome couple! (You hottie, you!)

  6. Oops. Three. (Can you tell I was a liberal arts major, not a math major).

  7. CONGRATS!!!!

    this is such a major accomplishment. and the love that radiates from his words....beautiful...warming....what a blessing.

    you! you are hot! seriously. you are a very beautiful woman outside and in. flaunt it!

  8. You guys are so sweet. Thanks so much.
    Now on to the next eight years.

  9. By the way...pewot...nice to know that the only thing I have to do to get you to comment on my blog is to have an eight year anniversary. I am anxiously awaiting my next comment from you in the year 2015.

  10. What PBS show was that you were referring to? I need to know, so I can watch out for it. Thanks!

  11. awwww, what an adorable letter...latin men are SO much better at expressing their feelings, don't you love it?!?

    I loved reading that letter, your husband is obviously so crazy about you...

    and btw, you two are a HOT couple!!!!

  12. Hey you don't see too many wedding dresses like yours anymore- most people go strapless nowadays. But mine looks a lot like yours. I like yours better, though. Great wedding picture of you guys. And congratulations on 8 years!! Very cool.


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