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Saturday, August 4, 2007

a little lucy

I will leave you to your happy weekend with a little scene from "I Love Lucy"
1/30/56: "Lucy Meets the Queen" I Love Lucy Episode 142 - Filmed 12/15/55

After Lucy and Ethel ask for directions from a British man and are unable to understand him---Ethel replies "You'll have to excuse us. We're from America. We don't speak English."


  1. oh good! I thought of you when I posted it.

  2. hahahahaha, that's cute! who doesn't love lucy!??

  3. Haha! Very cute. Great show.

    Jane, P&B Girls

  4. That is funny. I think I am the out one out on this one, I never really much cared for I Love Lucy. I can't bear it when she gets herself into such trouble. I am always wanting her to escape. I get too embarassed for her to laugh, ya know? That was a funny quote though!!

  5. You are definitely NOT the odd one out on disliking I Love Lucy. My dad couldn't stand the show. It was never allowed at hour house. He hated how chaotic it was. I guess that is why I rebelled and like it so much now. Not a bad way to rebel. It could have been worse!

  6. I LOVED Lucy. Well, I still do, but I don't watch her these days. But if I did I would still LOVE her (especially that chocolate making episode--oh, and the Vitavetavegamin one is classic!).


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