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Friday, August 31, 2007


So here are a few (read: enough to kill with boredom) pictures from our camping trip.
Since it is almost labor day I will be back to our regularly scheduled program on Tuesday. While I was away, I was tagged for a meme (my first official tag) and nominated for an award(my second, no less appreciated---in fact I'm giddy---award) so I will fill you in on the details on the aforesaid mentioned Tuesday.
multnomah falls
Multnomah Falls

beautiful blue sky
A close proximity to our campground.

anthony's campfire
Isn't it fun to play in the dirt when you are camping?

Irene at charburger
Our, second in command, clown.

la familia otra ves
My beautiful family.

stubborn, independent irene
Irene just has to do everything herself.

Anthony unsuccessfully avoiding the camera.

Irene and the bridge of the gods
Irene at the bridge of the gods. I didn't make that name up folks. It is really the name of the bridge that connects Oregon to Washington over the Columbia river.

rock quarry otra ves
A rock quarry we found next to the river. We had fun exploring everything.

edgard's toy
Now this is Edgard's idea of a camping trip!


  1. yay for camping!

    i've never been camping but it looks like you had fun.

    i'm not opposed to it (i do have an aversion to bugs), just have never known anyone who is willing to rough it out with me. i think i'll be ok, whenever i do try it. i'll probably drag LR along....hopefully it wont go as bad as the time we went walking thru the woods (we both swelled up form bug bites)

    hope you dont mind, but in an effort to restore all things good on my blog, i ripped the award that you gave me, off your page. its not as cool as the first time you gave it to me....but i take pride in that little pink block...i've missed it. :(

  2. I just realized that you are in Oregon. I guess I knew that, but didn't make the connection to how close you must be to my sister. SHe lives in the Portland area, and when I go visit her in a couple weeks are going to Multnomah Falls. I am so excited now because it looks breathtaking!

  3. yeah...we live 1 1/2 hours from Portland and we go there frequently for our little mini-vacations!
    Multnomah falls is very gorgeous but unfortunately for me, being afraid of heights, I had to admire it without actually going on the bridge. I then had a teeny little panic attack about my kids being on the bridge. Well only Irene, really, because my husband was holding her and that put her above the bridge railing. Little did I know, at that time, was that Edgard didn't put her down because the railing is far enough apart that he was afraid she would fit through. I 'm glad I didn't know that while Anthony was standing there next to it. I know...I am a huge baby...with an active imagination. The hike up and everything else was just beautiful!!!

  4. that looks SO gorgeous! I love that second photo with the light are a budding photographer :)

    and your son and your husband look just alike! they are two little peas in a pod!!!!

  5. I am a budding accidental photographer. I wish I knew what I was doing. Any pictures you see that are half good are half luck!
    I know aren't Anthony and edgard little twins. I love it.

  6. Gorgeous picture of the falls. By the way, as much as I enjoy seeing pictures of your family, you should hand the camera off & post some pictures of YOU every once in a while. :) Glad you guys were able to get away.


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