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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

somos hermanos

I just have to say, the biggest blessing that I have with my two children is the love they have for each other. From the moment that I let Anthony know that he would be having a new sister, he was completely on board. On the other hand, Irene, once she realized that she was born to a brother that would wait on her hand and foot, she quickly got on board. It is very sweet to see how Anthony patiently explains something to Irene that she doesn't know. I have to add, he has more patience with her than he does with me. He has informed my best friend Susie, and I suspect any one who would listen, that his mother " just doesn't understand"! Irene equally worships her brother. She watches everything that he does and toddles after him wherever he goes...that would include the bathroom. Anthony put a stop to that one right away. I mean, the man needs his privacy! That certainly doesn't stop Irene from patiently waiting outside the door, pacing, with a running stream of commentary.
I know that there will be a time when they won't be relying on each other so much. They will grow and make friends. I think, though, that there is a great bond that will never be broken. I never had t
hat wonderful sibling bond, so I am having so much fun watching these two characters.
Here are a few pictures from
yesterday, when Anthony requested to put Irene down for her nap.
This is so cute, you may get
nauseated...just a friendly warning!!!


  1. thats lovely to see. my son is an only child and I would like to have more but I dont have the circs for it. If I do have more I will have two more because I dont want my second child to grow up an only child too.

  2. ahhhhhhhh, shucks, so cute! I hope and pray for the same with my two!!

  3. sweetie...they are soo cute. i didnt have that either...and missed it greatly, i pray tha tmy own children have that closeness to share.

    thank you for your comments. you are soo sweet to me. ;)


  4. Oh Rachel... I am literally sitting here with tears in my eyes looking at your beautiful children! The photo of Anthony kissing his sister, could you just melt? These are beautiful and what a tribute to you that your children love each other and love being with each other. Especially your son... that is wonderful. As a mommy of 3 boys, I love seeing them love each other!!
    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues

  5. Groovybabe: I bet you son will be the great protector of his younger siblings. That will be an amazing relationship to watch. I should know since I was 16 when my little sister was born. I don't know who was or my mom!

    Brown eyed pregnant girl: You know that I am praying for that as well!

    Lady T: I am sure that you will have great children if they have even an ounce of your personality.

    Audrey: by the way. I loved the picture of your boys in a circle on your last "two lines" story. Great picture!!

  6. Don't mind me--I'm currently working a body swapping hex so I can switch places with you for just one day. My kids fight all. the. time. Please share your secret. They are absolutely adorable!!!

  7. You may want to switch from a body switching hex to a child swapping hex. The kids are okay but believe me you don't want this body!!
    Oh and by the way, my secret is (and please don't tell anyone) I lucked out! Having a great age gap didn't hurt, either. But I don't want to say that I really had a hand in this. My son is ultra sensitive and loving...if he wasn't that way I am sure that with Irene's personality, they would have fought like cats and dogs. She is a spitfire. As it is, she submits docilely to being spoiled by him instead.

  8. oh Rachel, this post brought tears to my eyes. Made me miss my baby brother SO much. ok, since you like long comments here goes nothing :)

    I have had that kind of bond with my brother for my whole life too, except it's kind of the other way around...I am his protector, because I'm older. I'm 23 and he's 21...and when we were little we were like your two kids...inseperable. My mom has a gazillion pictures of us sleeping in the same bed, one head at each end covered with one blanket. We called ourselves the K and K Two Headed Monster (my name is Kyle, his Kelsey). And we never grew out of our inseperableness. I would go to his soccer games, he would watch my cheerleading competition, in high school we did marching band together, ate lunch together. When I got my drivers liscense I would drop him off wherever he needed to go. when he had a drug problem he came to me and I let him live in my TINY dorm room with me while he got himself cleaned up. to this day he remains my biggest fan and supporter and one of my best friends even from so far away. he's probably the person I miss the most from Chile. sure, there were days when we fought, but never anything serious. When I got married, it wasn't my maid of honor or my parents who made me cry with their toast, it was my brother. And honestly, that's one of the biggest testamonials of how amazing of a mom I had. she taught us to respect each other's differences and love each other inconditionally.

    It speaks SO highly of you that your son is so gentle with your daughter. I think a brother sister bond like that is SO rare, and usually comes from amazing parenting!!!! So major kudos to you, I hope I'll be a great mom too some day!

  9. Your little guy is just too perfect... and you can just see and feel the love they share. Can you bottle this, package it and deliver to the world!?... for not only siblings, but for EVERYONE! You are a wonderful Mama!
    Sharon - Pinks & Blues


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