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Friday, August 10, 2007

this is my dream...

This couple, who have literally just retired, are on the countdown to what I can only dream of doing. Moving to, and living in, México. They are moving from Washington state to Mazatlan.
The other amazing thing, is that they are selling---already sold---everything! They are only taking what will fit in their minivan.
These people are doing all the things that I want to do. I, too, want to get rid of all my crap
priceless treasures and go live in México.
You know---they are already going to drive through Oregon---I wonder if they would want to swing by and pick us up?
Don't they want to take two cute Mexican kids and their unassuming parents?
We'll share driving duties.
Probably not.
I wouldn't.
Well, at any rate it is just an enjoyable privilege to follow along in their journey. Go check it out!


  1. If you dont mind me asking, whats stopping you from living in Mexico, if thats what you want?

  2. Totally don't mind. I'm an open book.
    It is very simply put down to economics. I am a stay at home mom. My husband has a good stable job here, that he is excellent at. It pays the bills, mortgage etc. We would have no stable means of support there. I think that once we pay off that debt I posted about earlier and our equity grows on our house and the kids are not so little---Then we will seriously start figuring it out.

  3. Fun, a new blog to stalk :)

    Another thing you might want to think about when your kids are older, is schooling down there. I'm just guessing if it's anything like Chile, education probably isn't the greatest unless you pay an arm and a leg for them to go to a private school. To be honest with you, it's hard to make a living in a third world country! We struggle down here every day (and my husband is a civil engineer and has a great job...the salary he makes puts us in the top 2% of family income in Chile and we still couldn't buy a house or a car if we wanted, there's no way we can afford to go anywhere on vacations, and we're in debt). While I would love to come back here and retire some day, I definitely don't want to have kids growing up here, because there's a reason thousands of latinos flock to the US...the opportunities are just flat out better!

    Obviously I have no idea what your husband does, maybe he's a plastic surgeon and he could go to Mexico and make a fortune givng all las chicas new boobies! So maybe it would be feasible for you two to live there and still be able to afford a good education for your kids. But, seriously, it's a lot more complicated than a lot of people think living in an undeveloped country, unless you have a ton of money saved up. Since your husband is a hottie latino, I'm sure you know most of what I'm telling you anyways, so I'm not sure why I'm still rambling on...

    Sorry for the huge rant/comment!!!!

  4. giving all the chicas boobies...that is a classic line if ever I heard one. My husband and I both laughed...a lot!
    No he isn't a surgeon of any area of the body or any other lucrative business. His job is skilled blue collar. He has a good company that truly cares about their employees and so he makes a fair wage. But the job is very much localized to the states. I suppose that he may be able to get along down there with that job skill but we don't feel we have the right to gamble our children's future at this point.
    Speaking of schools in Mexico husband's family home (where his parents still reside) happen to be surrounded by good schools from kinder right up to ---what we call high school. And when I say surrounding...I literally mean surrounding. Any view out any window is another school. The schools that he attended are also very much parent involved which is good too. I have personally chosen to home school my kids. But if we moved to Mexico they would definitely attend the public schools there.
    And there is the sequel to the novel you started ;)
    p.s. I loveeee long comments. Hint Hint Hint

  5. Wow, that's awesome that if you do move to Mexico you have the option of putting your kids in good schools. We wouldn't have that much luck in Chile unless you sell your first born's soul to the devil (almost EVERY good school in Chile requires that the entire family be Catholic). No offense if you're Catholic, I have absolutely nothing against the religion long as it stays out of education and things it shouldn't be sticking it's nose in. And on top of being Catholic you have to be rich enough to afford the good schools. I cannot fathom a school having that much control over my life! You're smart to home school your kids!!! btw, are they learning to speak Spanish too???

  6. I'll let you go to Mexico as long as your blog stays right here. :)

  7. mamacita chilena:

    Nope...definitely not catholic (Baptist). I wouldn't be comfortable with having my kids in a school that was catholic either (or that controlling, as well). And yes...the kids know Spanish. Edgard speaks only in Spanish to them. I don't want them to be trying to take a Spanish class someday wondering why their parents didn't teach them when it would have been natural and easy for them to learn. They do well too...bless their little sponge-like brains!

  8. shauna:
    Your comment is so great. It is a great compliment to me considering the quality of your writing.
    Thank you truly...


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