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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

and the lion shall lay down with the lamb...

....and yes, Irene is the lion....
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  1. NO! she's way too adorable to be the lion!

  2. Doesn't she look so docile in this picture? But she isn't, I promise you. She is the wild one!

  3. Just an awesome picture...frame that up!

    I found you through Works for Mom's (What Works or Us) site...she gave you an Egel Nest Award! Congrats!

    The Egel Nest

  4. Thanks spookyrach. I think so too but then that whole biased thing comes into play. It is nice to hear someone else say it!

    Bradley....Thanks very much. I bookmarked your site as I found it quite the fun read. I love the last name as makes for a very cute blog title.

  5. Oh how beautiful of a shot! Love the black and white touch!

  6. I LOVE this picture! Really...a lot!

  7. This is a really stunning photo, one of the loveliest I've seen today!!
    Guess you just have to make the most of these moments and keep a record of them for posterity - for yourself as much as for them!


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