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Monday, September 10, 2007

double tagged

I have been double tagged for the same meme by Lady-T and Groovybabe
So without further ado here are eight random facts about Rachel at (thats me!)

1.I have attended 13 schools and not one of them was college. Yes, I moved that much! And they were all in the same school district. My parent flipped houses before it was a tlc show.

2. When my older sister, Michelle, had a newborn I stayed with her for the first month to help out. She was a single mom and at that time had no car. I woke up the morning I was to move back home with an overwhelming urge to buy her a car before I left. We spent the whole day looking everywhere before my mom found an old ford on a used car lot that had the price tag I could afford. Price=triple cheap. The thing that is interesting about this whole story is; the car that I bought for my sister was previously owned by Edgard. Yep, my husband. I met him about 6 months after I bought the car.

3.At last count I own 880+ books. I haven't counted in a while. I am scared to.

I chose to learn Greek as my language credit in high school. I was very opposed to learning Spanish. So glad that I married a Greek man! Oh wait...I didn't! I speak Spanish (with poor grammar) now---but not due to Spanish classes. I learned from rock in Spanish. Thanks to Edgard for introducing me to La Barranca and Jaguares and Julieta Venegas and Molotov ( I can't say the words that Molotov taught me so that hasn't turned out so well) and Cafe Tacuba and many more. And not to leave out a Chilean band (para Mamacita Chilena)...La Ley.

5.My favorite Mexican actor is Demián Bichir. I like several of his movies but I really liked his character in sexo, pudor y lagrimas. Just saw rojo amanecer two nights ago. Very intense.

6. I speak to myself in a British accent. All the time. I have done it since I was very young. Not sure why....

7. I name houseflies. The one that is with us now is named
Shocksley. (this is random...remember?)

8. I can't drink after myself. I have to keep turning the glass each time I take a drink. If I run out of "drinking spots" before I am done, then I am out of luck and I must dump out the rest of the drink. It is lost to me. This, curiously enough, does not apply to pop cans or straws. I know.

I am going to, rather than tag anyone, invite you to play along instead. Just leave a comment that you are going to name eight random facts about yourself and where to find you so we can all come and check it out.


  1. YOU ROCK!!


    880 books??

    13 schools??

    Helping your sister out??

    You are a hell of a lady!! Thanks for sharing all of this! :)

    - Audrey

  2. that whole car situation is a little crazy! you must've been so shocked when you found out!!!!

    hahaha, thanks for including a Chilean band :) And I love Cafe Tacuba too!

  3. Audrey: are sweet. But the way you put it makes me sound a lot smarter than I am. Let me set the record straight. ;)

    Greek- I only learned the Greek alphabet and one phrase. And, no, it wasn't "that's Greek to me" but now I think that would have come in handy a lot more often.

    880 books- See? Now, that is just some sort of illness right there.

    13 schools- I didn't actually learn anything at any of them.

    Helping my sister out- You do what you can when you can and try to remember that tomorrow it might be your turn to need help....and it was a REALLLY cheap car!

    Mamacita Chilena: There were a couple more coincidences with us but the one with the car was the most fun. Isn't rock in Spanish great, by the way?

  4. British accent hey? ;-)

    I learns some basic spanish at university but have forgotten it all now, two years after graduating. My son has just started learning spanish so hopefully I'll pick some of it up through him.

    Go you on the generosity stakes in buying your sister a car, wish I had family like you!!!

  5. It was fun reading about your random facts! Something random about me that my husband thought was funny when we got married is that I can't have the water run over my face in the shower. I wash my face separately in the sink. He thinks I am crazy:)

  6. Interesting.. I feel like i know so much about you now!

  7. Rachel,
    Sounds like fun, and since Questions for desert invited me to play too, I think I will- so go to and see my version of the 8 random things everyone was dying to know about me....

  8. groovybabe: everything sounds better in an British accent!
    I bet you would be shocked at the Spanish that you remember as soon as you needed it! So glad to hear that you son is learning Spanish as well.

    Gustogirl: Why do you think that is? That one is right up there with my can't drink after myself thing. So glad I am not alone in my idiosyncrasies!

  9. that was cool! thanks for participating...

    and yes, sweetie, the cup thing? you are nutz, lol!

  10. Lady t---Thanks for tagging was fun...and my husband agrees with you about the nuts thing!!

    Sam---can't wait to see your eight things! I am learning so much about everyone.


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