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Saturday, September 15, 2007

first official "book love" i'm a nerd weekend

A Six-Cylinder Courtship by Edward Salisbury Field is a book that was written to be very trendy. The bad thing about being trendy is that trends go out quickly And then they are no longer fashionable, they are simply absurd. The good thing about trends is that after 100 years they go right past the absurd, right into quirky and quaint. (two Q words in one sentence...that is impressive)
This story is about a man who falls in love-at-first sight with a well moneyed young lady who mistakes him for a chauffeur. The reason for this, is because he owns a car. In those days they were owned primarily by rich people, and she assumes that he is too young to be rich, so he must be a driver. Alas, he is rich but continues to pretend to be her driver until such a time as she will fall in love with him. Hilarity ensues.
It is not a great literary contribution, but it is a sweet, innocent look at life in 1907.

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  1. My husband is a huge bibliophile. You should have seen him agonizing over which books to bring to India and which to put in storage for three years. You would think some one had asked him to leave two of our children behind! He will love this post!

  2. YAY! I love the book posts, I'm glad it's going to become a tradition :)

    aren't you excited for the day when your kids are old enough to start reading all your favorites and enjoying them with you?!?

  3. Mrs. smith: I would leave my husband at kids at home if I thought that I could make kid and husband shaped book piles to take with me. I totally understand your husband's obsession. By the way, since your kids are many are exhibiting the same symptoms as your husband? I am so curious my kids will be like this.

    Mamacita Chilena:
    I am so glad that so far my nerdly book post are favorable. I was nervous. Now I think that I can be nerdly with wild abandon.
    And I have already started sharing some of my favorites with Anthony. I can tell that he is thrilled because he laughs and his eyes dance with joy everytime. Well maybe not dance with joy...roll is probably a better descriptive word and laugh might be also better explained as sobbing in pitiful resignation.
    My poor children.

  4. Rachel,
    I love to read!! I do not have the time as I used to when I stayed at home with my children. Now I get to read only when I find time and a really good book I've been waiting for.
    Right now I'm reading "Everyday Enlightenment" by Dan Millman. It is good, new agey, but I know the author and creator of the universe so that's ok. It's one of those books I have to read a section, chew on it and read it again. It's on loan from our public library and so I can not mark it up as I'd like. I really want to buy it so I can highlight in it.

    Thanks for your post, I can't wait for the next one!

  5. Such a beautiful book! (And I'm sure you already know, but those "Q" words get you the most points in Scrabble--so I'm very impressed).


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