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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

my first wordless wednesday

This really is a building that I saw, on trip with my best friend, in a city 2 hours distant. Talk about unfortunate names. I think I might have chosen to change my name.

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  1. seriously - you need to win SOME kind of award for that one. how funny! LOVE IT.

  2. Thanks...
    I wish I could take credit for it but sometimes these thing just fall into your lap.

  3. Very unfortunate name.

    Welcome to WW!

  4. I know! I will no longer complain that people cannot pronounce my last name...somehow I have a feeling that everyone could say this one with no problem.

  5. I would have changed my name too!!

    At least it is not Harold Butt (harry butt)!

  6. SO FUNNY... Amazing what you come across in a lifetime!

  7. I have been thinking, but I cannot top Harold!

  8. Classic!

    Sucks to be him!

    I'm assuming if it were a "her", she would have kept her maiden name. And if she wasn't married, she would have gotten married to ANYONE. Unless, of course, she was BUTT ugly. HA HA!

    My Wordless Wednesday is up ... come see!

  9. I actually know someone who was born with this last name. When he got married he changed his last name for his wife and children. This upset his family so much that they wouldn't speak to him for a few years. I think they were just jealous.


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