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Monday, September 17, 2007

a pizza and week two

Last Monday (week 2): 191


Loss for this week: 0 pound

I will accept a no gain/no loss weigh-in.
I had a bad weekend as my fitday account will show. I couldn't exercise on Saturday because I babysat 2 children from 12:00p.m.-9:00p.m. Although, four children total, for nine hours was exercise in itself. On Sunday, I bow my head in shame and admit that I could have exercised and ate well and simply did not.
I plan to exercise everyday this week excepting possibly this Wednesday. Wednesday is Anthony's first day back to AWANA. We are all excited about that. This will be his fourth year. We hope that he can continue in it until he graduates from high school. The other days should be workable to fit in some exercise. But I will also challenge myself to include Wednesday in this, as well. I also have to give a huge congratulations to Groovybabe, who has reached and surpassed the 100 day mark on her way to changing her life. You should check her out if you want a little motivation. She is really dedicated. If a nearly 40 lbs loss doesn't show you that, I don't know what will!
In other news: my book love weekend was a success. It
must be that I will assume that my readers are exceptional liars. Either way, I couldn't be more thrilled! So book love weekend continues.

The other thing that I wanted to share is that I made a vegetarian pizza on Saturday for the two kids that we were babysitting. It was fantastic! Edgard rolled out the dough because he didn't approve of the way that I rolled it out. Everything was perfect. The crust was perfectly thin and the sauce was the perfect blend of spices and the cheese was...well, cheese.
Oh, happy accident.
Maybe I should take up this cooking dinner thing more often. It would really round out this whole housewife image that I have going on over here.

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  1. Oh my that pizza lookes so good!!! Happy anniversary!!

  2. Hey good for you for staying so motivated despite not seeing a loss. This is what long term weight loss is all about (and something I still struggle with). Thanks for the mention too!

  3. veggie pizza is the best! although I have to admit that I like mine without cheese, I can't handle the texture...I'm weird.

    don't beat yourself up for not exercising, it happens. Just get back on track as soon as you can. I'm in the same boat right now, pretty busy, handling a new schedule and increased workload, husband's home on vacation until Thursday...and where does exercise fit in there? you tell me!

  4. You are a true blogger, taking pictures before a post you anticipate writing. Truly a dedicated, four-day blogger. :)


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