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Thursday, September 27, 2007

something funny

Update: scroll down to vote. I will feature your choice this Monday, so lets keep voting till the polls close. But don't worry if you were mortally concerned that I might not feature book love weekend. Have no fear. It goes on as planned. Did I just hear an audible groan?
I have felt so uninspired lately. I really want to write something funny, but I can't think of a darn thing. I hate having you all come here and get serious post, after serious post. I am so desperate, I ended up asking Anthony what he thought a funny thing to write about would be. He said that I should write about a car that tastes and smells like root beer. I thanked him through a clenched teethed, fake smile, waited until he was out of earshot, and called his sister. Her suggestion of chicken and bubbles tells me that I am on my own.

So now it is up to you, dear readers. I will put it to a vote.

What humorous story would you most like to hear?
The Artichoke
Hot Girl
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  1. Well, this quick post, in and of itself made me chuckle.

    Although I have to admit that a car that smells and tastes like rootbeer is not actually such a bad idea ;)

  2. i voted artichoke because it sounds so unique!

  3. far, yours is the tie breaker.

  4. i'm going with hot girl...bc this could go a multitude of ways in my head. lol...

    though irene might really have something with those chicken and bubbles.

    btw: thanks thanks for the comment on my blog....i am lucky indeed.

    i appreciate it...even if it seemed like a little dig at the end. *wink

  5. now i must think up a question to use this poll code thing for. this is so cool!

    or i'm a dork...but i'm gonna go with "cool". LOL

  6. Lady T. Can't wait to see your poll...I use cool myself, by the way. I suspect that I will be using cool when I am 80 years old.

  7. of course the sarcasm doesnt bother me!

    i drink a glass each morning.


    we shall both be "cool", old biddies.

  8. "I drink a glass each morning" I love is great. I may have to steal your quote.
    By the way...we will be cool SKINNY old biddies.

  9. Rachel,
    I haven't posted on my blog in several days because me too...I'm uninspired, and tired, and uninpired, and tired. I must confess last night I ate two HUGE pieces of birthdaycake!!! I've not done that in a year. My daughter actually said (as I was plopping down on the couch next to her with my second piece), "mom what are you doing"? I said I'm overdoing it aren't I. Yes, she said, and you've worked so hard.
    Anyway- I can't wait to read your funny so I can have a good laugh- no pressure though ok :)

  10. Please give your daughter a great big hug for me. What a good helper.
    I would have just been quiet and helped my mom finish off the cake so I think your little girl is great! I am a little worried that I have built too many expectations for my "funny" post. I hope it can deliver. I have already written because I can see which way the votes are gonna swing. So it is what it is. I will cross my fingers and hope the mob doesn't hunt me down after reading it and finding it flat. We shall see.


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