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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

brahms' lullaby and other childhood nonsense

Update, in red...below.
Last Sunday I was thinking about my childhood and what things have contributed to the person that I am today. For example, I was remembering some of the lullabies and sayings that my mother shared with me, during my formative years. They were passed down to me via my grandmother. A few samplings were

The Ship That never Returned

Babes in the Woods

Red Wing

If you know any of those songs---well, you know then, that they are all sad, pessimistic, and ill-fated---in a sweet kind of way. To get an idea of the message in those songs, picture a perfectly nice grandmother serving you a plate of poisoned cookies.
My mom also used to sing to me "I love to go swimming with bow-legged women and swim between their legs"
My mother wishes to add that the song, as she sang it to me, is actually
"I love to go swimming with bow-legged women and dive between their legs" You are right mom...much more lullaby-like when sang that way!
A sweet saying that she used to tuck me into bed with was:
"here comes the candle to light you to bed, here comes the chopper to chop off your head"
aaahhhh sweet childhood remembrances...

When my mom, sister, and I had a day open in which to do something, and a lack of money with which to do it, my mom would take us to a cemetery. It was my idea of a grand time. It still is. I had such an odd imagination that I made stories out of all the names. I even have my own
family cemetery. I didn't have to imagine it up.

When other kids were watching cartoons I was watching
Laurel and Hardy and the Marx Brothers. I was Harpo for Halloween more times than I could count. And I can do the gookie. Movie night would consist of black and white films. We never watched new movies. You know, new, meaning modern---like from the 1950's

The way my father let me know that he loved me was to call me a "little jerk". It also warmed my heart when he would fiercely deny liking children. He always had this little smile when he said it wasn't exactly true. It is thanks to him I have quite the spike jones collection in 78's. He also gave me my own portable phonograph. I still have it. It is red.

I grew up in antique and hardware stores. Do you know
how much fun a kid can have in those places? Actually I was always excited about the antique store because mom and dad would always buy me a book. I don't think that has created any major problems.

One last thing---I am not sure in what ways that my in-laws messed up Edgard---but they did it in such a way, as to make him perfect for me.


  1. woah woah WOAH pepperman (please tell me you know that commercial or else you'll just think i'm insane)

    you parents sang you some crazy lullabies! and i'm guessing you got the real version of the fairy tales too?

    My mom stuck with You Are My Sunshine as well as a few crazy songs in German and Russian.

    isn't it nice that you and Edgard can be two crazy peas in a pod? that's how I feel about Seba too :) We might be weirdos, but we're weirdos that click together perfectly!

  2. The world is so PC now! ASounds like you had a cool Mom, not too over-protective.

  3. Your mother helped develop your imagination...unlike our world today where our children sit infront of television for hours without any activity going on upstairs.

    You're too sweet about Edgar :)

  4. what a creative childhood. i have always envisioned creating a magical childhood for my children...i'm screwed...but not in such endearing ways as your my yours is all nostalgic and such....while one of my most vivid memories border along child abuse...ahh well...such is life.


  5. I agree, your Mom sounds so cool.

    When I read nursery rhymes to my son I can't believe how tragic a lot of them actually are or end!

  6. you alright rachel??? haven't heard from you in awhile.


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