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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

a little game for you...

Guess which kid belongs to me. no one seems to get my subtle joke. Yes, the little girl with the stuffed animal is mine. But there is another one. If you read my about me blurb on the right side and then take a peek at the hint below...I think that you will be able to guess what other kid is mine.
here's a hint

wordless wednesday


  1. I was looking for the "one with the big sombrero" but I guess you get the points since the one with the bangs has a claim on me as well ;)

  2. The one with the puppy:) But they all are such adorable kiddos!

  3. Cute photo, not sure which one could be you as this is my first time here, lol. Happy WW!

  4. yours is the one with the pink shirt ? and the teddy bear. happy ww


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