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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

brother/sister bond

~update below~
I felt very smug the day that my son drew a sweet picture of his sister.
Very smug, indeed.
After all, it is due to my skills as a mother that they have such a wonderful bond, right?

Notice the hearts that he put on her picture.
He just loves her so much.
I wanted to show this picture to Edgard when he got home, so I made sure to put the notebook in a spot where I could remember it. I also marked the page so that it would be easy to find again. At some point, though, Anthony found the notebook, removed the bookmark, and allowed the deep abyss we call his room, to swallow it whole. So fast forward to when Edgard got home and went searching for the notebook. I found it rather quickly and set about to show Edgard the lovely picture. After a long day with no adult interaction, I was ready to hear what a great mom I was.

Then I saw

...this is quite a way in which to burst a bubble...a smug mommy bubble.


Hey everybody :)

I solved the mystery of why he drew this. This is a picture of "mean mom" in a trap. When I asked what the things were, drawn beside me, he said it was a spoon and a cereal box. It all came rushing back. This occurred when the kids were hiding from me. I was trying to scare them (for fun, people) and my growling was not doing it anymore. They were getting too brave, venturing too close. So I grabbed a spoon and an empty cereal box and would bang on it whenever they came within range. They would scream and giggle all the way back to my bedroom. That stopped working too, eventually, but man it was an inspiration! Have you ever banged a wooden spoon on an empty cereal box? Try it, it is really loud. Anyway---apparently Anthony had to commemorate the moment forever---hence the drawing. So, thankfully, I am not too terribly "meen".
Or am I....??? Wa ha ha ha


  1. Awwwwww.....

    I wonder what it was you did the day he drew that!

    It's sad to burst your bubble but it's incredibly adorable and impressive that a little boy would express his feelings - both good and bad - so clearly through art.

    You ARE a good mama!!

  2. are so MEEN!


    The Egel Nest

  3. Oh, that is sad. The other day I was joking around with my son and I can't remember exactly what we were talking about, but I think I had just offered something(like a great snack or one on one book time, I can't remember now) and I playfully asked, "Who's the best mommy in the world?", expecting him to say, "you!". He did, but then it was followed by, "well, not really because you give me time outs, so you're not really the best mommy". Talk about bursting a bubble!

  4. awll that is too cute!

    it is so great that your offspring have a good relationship. A friend of mine, her eldest really resents her youngest and she is having so many problems with him because of it, to the point where he has had to go live with her sister. It is such a shame.

  5. I have to say, I SO love this stage where kids start writing their own thoughts and perceptions (with all those fun misspellings!). My son is right there too (in fact, today's post was a sign he made) and I love reading what he writes. Now you've got me wondering what he's written deep in the pages of his notebook because I'm sure there's a page or two about how "meen" I am.

  6. lol!!!

    i have to laugh here!

    whats that??? are you in a cave?!?!?! or is that the cell that you put him in???

    either way, thanks for sharing.

    its a good thing you are "meen". when he's all grown up and successful and doing well, he will be glad his mom was so mean.


  7. that is so funny! and sort of sad.

  8. Oh My God..!! This is so so so cute!


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