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Thursday, November 8, 2007

the future

I have two really important posts bubbling around in my brain. One is about weight loss. The other is about LOVEEEEEEE...

I don't want to throw it all on you at the end of the week. So, I shall wait to torture you at the start of next week. Waaa ha ha...

Until then, I shall leave you with eye candy...a picture of a celebrity that makes me swoon.

To me, George Clooney is perfection.

I like him for his looks only, though.

Yes, I am very shallow.


  1. Well, I think his looks are the only thing to like. He seems a bit shallow himself(ok, so I know that isn't fair because I have never met him and only know what I have been told by the various media outlets, but still). I bet he hates that picture! I won't even tell you what famouse people I think are attractive.

  2. What a picture! And for the record, George, I loved you when you were ER fodder.

  3. gustogirl: I saw him on a late show one night and he was a bit of a nerd. So now I am completely curious...what celebrities do you find attractive?

    Shauna: What about Goran Visnjic? ;)

  4. I love your wit and sense of humor.
    Eye candy? I am still laughing!

  5. Rachel,
    you could have posted a hot photo!! Just goes to show, everyone looks bad at some point in their life.

  6. George got into a fight with Fabio at a restaurant the other, or so the gossip blogs are saying. A FIGHT WITH FABIO!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read about that.

    btw, what is this big weight loss news you have to share???

    I'm doing horrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiible!!!!!

  7. A fight with Fabio? I didn't believe you so I went and googled...lo and behold there really was a cat fight between George and Fabio. What is this world coming to?

  8. I heard something about his fight with Fabio...

    That is a lot of nice hair to be getting out of place...

    The Egel Nest

  9. Goran. That's his name? I have to admit, I lusted after him too. Just a titch! (It's harmless though, isn't it, when they're completely unattainable?)

  10. I know...Goran...I would definitely have to give him a nickname in my dreams. I don't know about unattainable though...I am a pretty good catch. An overweight, out-of-work, mother of two? That's pretty hot. I am sure he would see me and never think of any other actress or model again!
    Okay, okay...back to reality ;)


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