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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

our pests

I figured that since other people were pretty much done with showing their children in halloween costumes*, I will now post mine. Though, I have an unfair advantage...I am now competing with no other kids in costumes...mine are the cutest by default!!!

As you can see, Irene is thrilled by this whole process.

...and getting more thrilled by the minute.

I am so glad that Edgard makes sure his purse is coordinated with his outfit!

My two little pests. The beetle and the ladybug. My best friend's sister Julie pointed out that we should have dressed as exterminators.

Yep...we make them exercise all the halloween candy off before they even eat it!

*here is the exception to the "no other kids in halloween costumes" But he is in a contest so it is a totally different thing.
p.s. J.J. needs your vote.


  1. yep, your kids definitely win the contest :)

    I also love how you do not distinguish Edgard as a being apart...he's just lumped in there with "my kids" :)

  2. That is so funny...I didn't even notice. Or that just sad. Well, he is the most spoiled kid in the bunch!

  3. How cute! Did you actually make those customes? (If so, I think that constitutes completing the "list" in full for three days in a row!)

  4. I can't even begin to tell you how cute that is.

  5. OH my goodness! Your kids really are just adorable!! And I love how happy they are to be in the picture. Thanks for the shoutout for our little contest! How great would it be if we won?? You are awesome!


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