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Friday, November 2, 2007

a rough day

What with one thing and another... I have been having one of those days. Too many children saying no and rolling their eyes at me. Too many requests for halloween candy after I have answered no. Too many crumbs on the floor for breakfast. More for lunch, as well. A room that has been trashed and a boy who thinks it is an outrage that his mother has the audacity to ask him to clean it. A spoiled diet, coupled with no exercise. A viscous head cold. Yes I meant viscous (viscous: a material that is thick; resistant to flow.) and not vicious...although vicious is an apt word for what I have, as well. So of course, being mother of the year, I took out all this frustration on my children by yelling.

So now I can add to the list of frustrations: lame mom yells at kids.

Now add guilt.

I just need to say, in no way do I think yelling is the answer but, I do like the results.
Not one request for halloween candy has been attempted. Rather than rolled eyes or a flat out refusal, the kids are saying yes mommy...whatever you want mommy....your wish is our command mommy.
I apologized and told them that I loved them and the same was reciprocated. Imagine my pleasure---and my mommy guilt---when I found this.

Anthony, with help from his sister, made my bed for me.


  1. I hate days like those!!!!

    How are you doing generally with weightloss? you dont talk about it much any more...

  2. Honestly? I am doing quite horribly. I really appreciate you asking. I don't mention it any more because I am so embarrassed to list a gain or nothing week after week. Any advice you have would be excellent. I am feeling very disappointed with myself! Once again, I have to say, I appreciate that you have noted it.

  3. Oh.. how I hate THOSE days. Great bed-making skills though! Can I borrow them..e very morning?

  4. :( one of those days...

    just remember, this too shall pass :)

    you'll be back on track with everything soon, dont' worry. having a cold just makes everything suck!!!!

  5. We've all had days like that. I hope tomorrow is a better day. You are a wonderful mother with two precious children.

  6. Oh, I have had many of those days! I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who sometimes yells. I know I shouldn't but sometimes, the simmering-stew just pops the top ya know? That your kids responded the way they did("whatever you say mommy"), it a testament to the fact that you are a good mom and don't yell all the time. I have a friend and bless her heart she is a major yeller! She is a good friend and I am not trying to cap on her or anything, but I can tell that her kids are so used to hearing it that it doesn't make them move any faster or respond any sweeter. Do you konw what I mean? I hope tomorrow is better!

  7. Likastar: Well you can borrow them, but they come with those other unpleasant things I listed ;)

    Mamacita C: Thanks. I appreciate it. And yes, this cold just seems to be the icing on the cake... sarcastically speaking!

    tenpounds: Thank you...I really need to concentrate on the good, days like these make it hard to, though.

    gustogirl: Thanks for your nice words. It is always nice to know that there are other people around going through the same things. Us moms need all the support we can get...or else we, too, will become the perpetual yellers...

  8. I'm not sure I have any valuable advice as I've been less than perfect myself lately but I think keeping accountable really helps me. If I'd stopped blogging about how bad I've been lately I'd have given up completely by now. I also say try to stay away from junk (even if you have to overeat normal food) because in my experience that makes cravings much worse. And drink plenty of water (even if you have sugar free squash in it) and get exercise that gets your heart rate going! I find if I do these things I can manage to keep food under control mostly.

    Good luck and if you want to chat about it privately at any time you can email me at info at groovybabe dot co dot uk. :)

  9. Wow, that bed looks like a drill sargeant made it!

  10. yeah...I was pretty surprised that my 6 year old could manage this.


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