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Monday, November 26, 2007

vlogging my weight

Firstly I want to thanks you all for sticking with me during my blogging dry spell. I also appreciate your comments more than you know.
Now onto the horrid youtube vlog update. If you notice, I ended up getting a better spot to film in. Much better lighting...sorry to all you folks who now have to look at me. Here I am in all my dweebocity.


  1. What a blessing to see and hear you on youtube. You are an amazing young woman who has touched my life with your open and honest feelings on the joys and the heartaches of life. Your beauty is two-sided---both inside and outside.

  2. Inside AND out (that goes without saying...)

  3. I lost half a pound my first week too. But this last week, I added exercise and I lost almost 2 and a half pounds. Nothing stellar but every little bit counts! Congrats on your half pound and good luck this week!

  4. I can't believe you had several choices of dessert and only had one slice! And losing weight over Thanksgiving week...a real accomplishment!

    The Egel Nest

  5. WooHOO!!! That's worth noting. I'm so proud of you, and you're inspiring me to get out there and get into shape. I need it--both emotionally and physically! Thanks!

  6. Congratulations! Such self control, I am impressed. Here is where I get nosey, is the rest of your house that beautiful? Because that is one seriously pretty room!

  7. RACHELLLLL- I'm so proud of you!! You lost over Thanksgiving. I like the video too. I've missed you.

  8. YAAAAAAAAAAY! A new video and this time we can see your face :)

    I can't believe you lost over Thanksgiving, you are amazing! I didn't even celebrate thanksgiving but I still gained a kilo last weekend! hahaha, our diet plan hasn't been working too great, seeing as how we are both basically back at where we started, but I am running again and you have a new exercise/health plan, so I'd like to think that it wasn't a total failure at all!

  9. Linda and works for mom: thanks very much for your kind words. I am red now ...but thanks ;)

    Erin: 2 1/2 pounds is huge during the holidays. Great job!

    Bradley: I can't believe I did so well either. Normally I have no self control.

    Shauna: I definitely agree with the needing it physically and mentally. I am feeling better mentally already...and then yesterday I had a bad day and started beating myself up again. so today I am back at it.....and viola...I am all optimistic and hopeful again.

    mrs smith: that was my living room and thanks so much for the compliment. I will admit, though, that it is easy to decorate when your house can fit on the head of a pin. My house is seriously tiny.

    Sam: thanks. I need to catch up everybody so badly...I have no idea how you are doing on your goal. I missed you too!

    Mamacita Chilena: you say that like it is a good thing. I thought seeing my face might be a punishment. It is to me. I can see that I need to lose weight badly....urgh

  10. one slice! you go girl!!!!

    you did excellent for a holiday!

    you very well may inspire me to do my own vlog.

    i need a new goal item of clothing. i'm wearing my new jeans today.....

    anyway.....i'm scattered today...

    til next time!


  11. you go girl! You are beautiful. and as always.. inspirational!! So much to catch up on.. I have been MIA.. SOrry!


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