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Sunday, December 23, 2007

its all uphill from here

Here are a smattering of pictures from the first of December when we cut our Christmas tree. We had a fun time and hope to do it next year. Here are the things I know for next year: Prepare to get stuck in the snow early and hike the rest of the way. And, oddly enough, if we hike a mile and a half, cut a gorgeous Christmas tree, play in the snow and take wonderful pictures....the fun ain't over...we will still have the mile and a half hike back to our car. I also need to realize that a 3 mile hike will not kick my metabolism into hyper drive. Translation: I cannot eat like a pig for the entire holiday season and cover it by saying "I can eat this _____ (insert food of choice: piece of cake, candy cane, cheese log, entire gingerbread village) because I hiked three miles last week--month--year". I also have learned that my children are immune to my insanity but after around 6 hours they might start to whimper a little...but only after the cold has mentally broken them down.
I can't wait for next year!
Fantastic four

The rest of the nutty group.

Best friends:
Chris, Susie(with the hat she vowed never to wear again), Andrew and Peter.

Edgard and Irene...

Cutting the tree

Mr. and Mrs. Loco and family..

See...We'uns are still in love...

More proof that Irene is channeling her hairstyle from a different time

For more here and here and, oh yeah, here.

This is what it would look like if Edgard and I morphed into one fabulous Uber-parent. His huge feet and hair covered body, paired with my fabulous hourglass figure and keen sense of style....HOT!

Aren't they wonderful...I think so, anyway...

Isn't he cute? I think so, anyway...


  1. I loved your pictures; thanks for sharing them!

  2. Rachel, your kids are so cute. I totally admire you as a're obviously doing something right because they both look like such happy little people.

    I'm dying to come to Oregon and do a photo shoot of the whole fam :)


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