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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

celebrity look-alikes

Last night I watched the movie The Invasion. It is a good remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, if you have a strong stomach. What is with all of the projectile vomiting in movies these days? So as I watched the movie, I was dismayed to realize that Nicole Kidman has obviously succumbed to the Hollywood myth of youth being the only form of beauty. It was obvious even through the digital editing they did to make her look young and glowing....she has had procedures. It is so sad that even the uber-beautiful feel compelled to do this to themselves. What does it mean for the rest of us ordinary folk? Are we just too hideous to live? I am just scared for when these people truly get old. I hate to see what their face will look like after not allowing them to go through the natural aging process. Scary. The other thing that I have noticed and I really truly can't believe that I am the only one, all of these, plastic obsessed, celebrities are starting, in on way or another, to look like each other. They truly are freakish celebrity look- alikes. Especially when they get the eye-lift, collagen, chin/cheek implants, topped off with botox, combo-pack. And there are more plastic faces each time I turn on my television. I feel like I am going crazy. Can they not see they are turning themselves into monsters. Obviously not.

Nicole Kidman

Meg Ryan

Kenny Rogers

Farrah fawcett

Joan Rivers

Bruce Jenner

Mickey Rourke

Melanie Griffith

Monday, January 28, 2008

thrift store chic

I am cheap. I like shopping used stores. I also like making ugly things look nice. Being cheap comes in handy for both of these hobbies. With this particular project I found a plain organizer with drawers. It was made out of cardboard. After making sure that it was durable and that the drawers opened and shut with ease, I bought it at a discounted amount of a buck. I then used some contact paper that I previously bought at target, and spent a lot of time that would have been put to better use doing any number of things that I actually need to do---and this is the result: Next up is this interesting little file folder that looks like Hollywood's idea of the 1940's...or maybe the 1980's. The "Rachel is stalling so she doesn't have to do the things she should be doing" version: These two make quite the pair, don't they? Transformed....hee hee hee...sorry--I guess I am bragging a bit,but look...they turned out so good...I really can't believe that they are this neato. Yes...I used the word neato. I'll shut up now.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

where in the heck....?