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Friday, March 21, 2008

it turns out that this isn't fun

Selling your house sucks. I realize that this is all too obvious and that I am saying this before I have even put the signs up, but I am literally in the middle of a long to-do list of things I need to fix before we put it on the market and am feeling the strain. It is sad really. I won't even fix these things for myself. We will finally have the house just the way we want it---in time to sell it to somebody else. We did that with our last house. We'll probably do that next time, too.

Sad. Pathetic.

The good thing is that if we don't sell it, then at least we get to enjoy our labor. The other feeling of dread is showing it to people. We are selling it ourselves---no Realtor---translation: no buffer. Last time that we showed our previous house, some jackass, who didn't, of course, didn't end up buying it, had the gall to tell us that our paint scheme was "odd." He also asked if we would repaint it. We told him to go suck eggs. Well not really...but we wanted to.

This time around we will also be facing a bad economy and a hellish sellers market. But, a person who has looked at more than a cabillion homes for sale, I know that ours should show pretty well. It is amazing how many people not only neglect to fix anything on their homes before listing them, many don't even clean them. I am a messy person by nature, though, so to maintain some semblance of cleanliness and order will be wearing to me.

Does anyone have any sage, home selling, advice?

Will somebody please wake me when this is all over?


  1. My home selling advice, after selling 3 homes, is...

    hire a realtor.

    They are worth every last penny.

    Get one, negotiate a commission.

  2. I hate selling a home. We have relocated twice since getting married. You pick out your home and then you get it just right in time to turn over the keys. The best advice I ever got is to research your neighborhood carefully when determining your selling price. We also made the house very neutral. We took down pictures and I had to paint my accent walls. We also de-cluttered and had a huge yard sale. Good Luck!

  3. I really feel for you. Is there any chance that after you get it ready to sell, you will decide to stay?


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