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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

there are signs everywhere

Even if my children didn't make it abundantly clear, everyday, that they very much live here...there would be subtle hints.


  1. haha! Kids make lfe so entertaining. I can just see you going around the house and finding these little gems, thinking "I have to tak e of picture of THIS!"

  2. What you don't see is the mad scramble...the screaming of "don't move it, it's so cute---where is the camera---I need new batteries stat" But in the end I have such precious pictures that will surely confuse me when I have Alzheimer's. ...only a mom, right?

  3. Spooky...I have similar signs around here.

  4. That is too funny! I love the random things I find around the house too!! I try to tell myself that I will miss it when they're grown, but I am not sure.

  5. Jennifer: Do you have the number of a good exorcist?

    Gustogirl: I really do love all these weird little manifestations....
    it makes you really wonder what was going through their heads at the time.


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