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Thursday, May 1, 2008

go away

Two weeks ago I had an open house. It was wildly successful. Well... it was successful if you expect no one to actually buy your home... We did get quite a few people, though....and I am not even counting the neighbors or previous owners. We had a Realtor tell us that ours was the best home he had been in all day. My thought at that moment was "good thing he doesn't know that on any given day this house is typically held together by spilled cheerios and dirty laundry." I also would bet good money that it was the smallest house that he had been in all day, as well.

I thought it would be a swell idea to make my mom bake some cookies and brownies and offer coffee to lure in the suck---er I mean possible buyers. It worked like a charm. By the time that my mom and I had finished the last of the goodies--we were both committed to buying the house.

So since it was such a blast I am doing it again...this Saturday.

Anyone want any cookies?

They are free...

...with every house purchase.

The house of "Threedayblog" fame~

Nerds at work

Yes Susie...I know my basooms are having themselves a little peepshow...

--that's special, just for you.


  1. Vancouver real estate agentMay 2, 2008 at 10:24 AM

    Cute story! :) It seems you are nice person and thats profitable! It's important for potential buyer to feel comfortable in open house, not only because of the property, but also because of the owners :). Sadly, in my sector it's usually very cold...just busy businessmen :(

  2. Hi Rachel!
    Your flowers look great. Best of luck with house selling. I updated my blog (finally- it needed an overhaul). Anyways, check it out:
    Cherrio! (not cherrios),

  3. good to see a new post, missed ya there for a couple days! I revamped my blog too!

  4. You have a great idea going with cookie baking/house selling! I'm sure it will happen very soon. Loved the pictures!

  5. I hope the open house went well. About the cupcakes, they are as easy as pie!! The flower petals are just marshmallows, the strawberry kind. I just sliced them up with my kitchen shears!! Plopped some leftover pastel M&M's from Easter in the middle and voila! You could use lemon drops for the yellow effect too.


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