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Monday, May 5, 2008

Siqueiros, Orozco, Tamayo and Anthony

My son Anthony, it turns out, is a genius. It is always comfortable to have at least one of these in the family.
And since it very apparently wasn't going to be me---I am glad that one of my children is.
I have for you exhibit A:

At first glance it appears to be the typical scrawl of an average 6 year old.

Not so, though. Take a second look and the genius of it gradually comes into focus.
First you have the main part of the picture which shows a painter--as evidenced by the objects I have pointed out.

Here I have circled the easel as to draw your attention to the fact the painter is at work on a self portrait.

In this other circle, which is rather difficult to see, there is a second painter painting his own self portrait. Now he is dealing with the subject of infinity... I know, right?

And if you notice on this last circle...all this genius can be had for a mere one dollar!

I bet you were thinking he wouldn't charge me, his own mother. But if you know Anthony then you already know he made me pay.
I think it might be because he loves sumbuty els.


  1. This has become my favorite one of your posts ever! I am laughing and astonished!!

  2. Jodi: aren't kids fun?!?

    Rachel: Thanks, I had fun writing fodder comes cheap in my house!

  3. Oh, how I love your blogs and learning about your family.

  4. This was awesome! So cute, and so smart!

  5. What an awesome post. Kids are amazing aren't they. I love that "sumbuty els." Cracked me right up.

    P.S. thanks for your comment about your sis and the gas can. Since nothing horrible happened it's fun to look back and laugh but it's scary the stuff that kids live through!!

  6. I love kid's art, and thanks for pointing out things that I might not have seen or noticed.

  7. I would give you $2 for it...

  8. come back to the blog!!! even if you don't have time to write at least put up another one of Anthony's works of art :)

  9. waiting for a blog post.....missing you in bloglandia! We need our fix!!!


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