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Saturday, July 12, 2008

blog designing fool

UPDATE: (I need to do a huge shout out to Amanda Fazani at Blogger Buster---because without her tutorials I would not have been able to do this. You can definitely find template tutorials on the web but they are not always clear or updated. With Blogger Buster, everything you need is in one spot and very easy to understand. However, if you are more interested in the social side of blogging rather than the technical---then I think playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren is a great place to start. Jennifer has some great ideas, backed by experience, along with useful links, all in a neat concise little series)
End of update.

So I have finally unveiled my new blog (re)design.
What do you think?

If you are having trouble remembering exactly what it looked like before... here is a screenshot, taken shortly before I started fiddling with it.

You may have to click on it to get a better look.

go ahead
click... know you have to


hee hee hee

Some of the new features are--
a custom header, as well as, less useless garbage information in the sidebar plus I now have tabs that you can click on to navigate---which is what helped me declutter my sidebar. Less noticeable, but no less important, I have widened the post section, sidebar section, and wrapper to fit a standard computer screen. Classic blogger templates tended to be a little on the narrow side so that people with most size monitors would have no trouble seeing all of our precious, bloggy goodness. But now that we are all getting on board with the no computers manufactured before 1996, bandwagon, we can all afford to loosen up the belt buckle and let it all hang out---
so to speak...
---not literally...please.

Just a note: I use Firefox as my browser (I highly recommend it) and everything seems to be fine. After checking internet explorer (I highly recommend running, not walking, away from IE) everything seems to be visible there, as well. If you use another browser or system and find that you are not seeing three day blog in all of it's glory...please let me know what you use, along with the problem you are having, and I will try to fix it. I want my frighteningly pointless blog to be accessible to everyone---regardless of race, creed, or computer preference.

So now it is up to you to tell me, good or bad, what you think of the redesign. I am open to all comments, opinions, suggestions, and especially compliments. I don't even require them to be sincere...I take what I can get and I like it!
But honestly folks...I really am open to the opinions and suggestions...I am very interested in what visually appeals to the typical blog reader. What am I doing wrong...or right...or could do a bit better. If you don't speak up now then you will be stuck looking at this blog design for at least a year---or five minutes...

however long it takes to change my mind...


  1. WOW! You have officially become a blogging nerd!! :) The title bar is FAB-u -lous!!! I sooo want to copy it, well, if I knew how to do something like that. I still have NO idea what all the little links are at the end of the posts.... I think I'm just a simpleton blogger. Maybe someday I'll click on one and find out..

  2. Brown eyed M.--Yeah I think I officially became a blogging nerd when I learned the html wasn't pronounced hotmail. by the loving your blog look---designed by a genius, perhaps? ;)

    Rachel--Thanks...very happy to hear that---you know how when you work on something for so long, you lose all perspective? I totally did that so I appreciate yours!

  3. LOVE the header! And the wider post section. I always see people who have wide post sections and feel jealous that I don't know how to do coolio stuff like that too.

    You're GOOD.

  4. Your blog looks great! What a wonderful outlet for all your creativity.

  5. Welcome back from your blog sabbatical!

  6. Mamacita K. Your blog always looks good AND you have the benefit of it being your own photography. But as for a wider post section...I happen to know a friend of yours that could happily do it for you if you were ever interested.

    Linda: I really do feel that it is a great thing to keep me busy and that I can have fun doing--so it is definitely a huge outlet for me!

    John: is a good feeling to be back!


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