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Monday, July 28, 2008

my questions--your answers--and another question...

  • What attracts you to the blogs that you like?

John says:
Insightful commentary, informed author, a topic I am already interested in, and (if you promise not to tell my wife this) if it is written by a beautiful woman that certainly helps. Hey, it is something that catches my eye and gets my attention.

Groovybabe says:
…subject matter, writing ability, visual look... that’s initially...

Mamacita Chilena
For me the blog either has to be a subject I'm interested in, or if it's not a subject that interests me, it needs to be very well written, and usually funny.

  • What keeps you coming back?

John says:
Consistent posts, high quality, some humor.

Groovybabe says:
interesting content and interaction (someone who comments on my journal as well as me on theirs)

Ten Pound Club says:
Writing style is important. I also need to feel a connection. I enjoy seeing pictures. And I love your sense of humor--a huge draw!

  • What detracts from one?

John says:
No consistency in posting!

Groovybabe says:
bad layout, cramped layout, lack of updates, someone who doesnt comment on mine...

  • What makes you decide you don't like a particular blog?
John says:
Boring, a topic I am not interested in, author who doesn't seem committed to keeping up their blog.

Groovybabe says:
it is different each time. Sometimes I think if someone gets heaps of comments all the time, they probably wont be interested in me... if they don’t update I lose interest too.

On the other hand, Mamacita Chilena says:
Consistency isn't a factor for me since I have blogs on my Google reader. If they update I see it, if they don't, I don't lose any time checking.

Which brings me to another question for all of you who find yourself at three day blog more than once. How do you find your way back? Do you subscribe in a feed aggregator such as Google reader, bloglines or another? Or do you have me bookmarked in your favorites? Leave me a comment and let me know...and hey...if you haven't already...subscribe to me.


  1. I use google reader.

    I'm back at wordpress at the moment btw...

  2. Google Reader. And I've been subscribed to you since the beginning of blogging time Mamacita Raquelina!

  3. I'm so glad you're back Rachel!

    I have you in Reader and Bloglines but don't use them as frequently I do as my blogrolling blogroll.

    Again, I'm glad you're back!

  4. I come back because you comment on my blog and I can simply click on the link back. Otherwise I have trouble keeping up with my comments on non-Wordpress blogs. If the blog is on Wordpress I can keep up with my comments from the Wordpress Dashboard function.


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