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Saturday, July 12, 2008

what is the point? then I asked myself..."what is the point of blogging?"
I answer myself, you see.
Just like a real honest to goodness crazy person. point to blogging, except for the creative outlet, coupled with the satisfaction of seeing some proof that our nerdly existence is accepted...even if it's only by other nerdly bloggers like ourselves.
you know...that reach out and touch someone, happy feeling that all of us social networkers get when someone "gets" us.
We haven't had that kind of acceptance since---well...since mom started reading our blogs on day one.
And that feeling, my friends, is what keeps us going.

Leave me a comment and tell me
what is your main motivation?

Why do you blog...?

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  1. That's a good question. It will be interesting to read what others have to say. I blog to have a place to put my thoughts--and to have the good fortune of meeting you!

  2. I blog to share my thoughts on life, culture, news, politics, and theology. I think everybody is entitled to my opinion! I also enjoy the interaction when people comment.

    It helps me to be better read as well.

  3. hmm, I used to blog to get things off my chest. Then when I realized other people were actually reading, sometimes I would blog to start interesting discussions or to try and see if other people were going through similar experiences. I guess my main motivations vary, depending on the day.

  4. wait... your mom reads your blog? Wish mine did. Just kidding, she occasionally drops by.

    I started to blog to maintain relationships with family that lives far away, it has morphed into a more social network.. lik eyou said.. no matter how "nerdy!"

  5. Pretty much the same reason you do, except I wish my mom would read my blog. If she does, she is a silent reader because she never comments.

  6. Yep, all that stuff you said is true. I like to keep a record of good things that happen so that the bad stuff fades away :)

  7. accountability, interaction, emotional outlet, need to write...

  8. I believe my very first post said something to the effect," My own little space to rant and rave, share my opinions, be something more than a mommy, and a creative outlet of journaling"


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