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Friday, August 29, 2008

pointless... for now

I wanted to draw your attention to my navigational tabs below my header. I have added a new tab entitled reading list. If you click on it now, you will be taken to a page that says "this page coming soon" and then goes on to use an immature amount of exclamation points---so really this is just a page of little to no information. Why am I telling you? Because I was asked a very long time ago, by a couple of people to make a recommended reading list. And because I will be adding the information very soon...promise--either the next few hours, or at the latest tonight while all of the normal people sleep.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


First I was having a problem connecting to the Internet (which is grievous in itself) I went to reset my modem and check on things at our main computer. I reset it with no luck so I got the phone and called my Internet provider. In the meantime I decided to restart it once more. Of course, the time I decide to call for help also happens to be the time that it starts to work again. So I got off the phone and went back to what I was doing (writing a post)....and when I looked down at the keys... that is when I discovered that my computer was covered in water!!!!

I don't want to name names...they will keep their protection of anonymity...I will protect the guilty..I shan't point a finger at the criminal.

Serious heart attack time.

This is my lifeline....

I know you are not supposed to have favorites but my laptop is my favorite child---no contest!
I feel a bulleted list coming on:
My Laptop Never...
  • talks back to me
  • wants me to taste food it thinks is disgusting
  • leaves its dirty socks stashed everywhere (not limited to the kitchen table)
  • asks to share my food
  • huffs and puffs at me when I ask it to do something (okay sometimes it will do this...but it is so cute when it is rebellious)
  • begs for food and water after a beating and prolonged confinement (just kidding...don't freak out...I would never do that to my laptop)
well, on that note, that is all I have for now. And besides, I best be ending this post before I get any twisteder..or before I run out of words and start inventorating them.

Friday, August 22, 2008

cReAtIvE bUg

In addition to keeping you highly entertained with my wit--and maybe a tiny smidgen of sarcasm--I also enjoy playing around with a little HTML, and other web design related stuff. I don't claim to be any great hand at it, or to have any non-pilfered technical knowledge---I pretty much just started experimenting with my blog template one day and when it was successful...I was hooked!
If you have any questions or want me to create something, you just need to ask. I really love to do it and everything is a learning experience for me.

sotsublehcar (at) gmail (dot) com
And now on to the show and tell (what little there is so far).
Not including the many incarnations of three day blog my first foray into designing aspects of someone else's site, was for Michelle over at brown eyed girl.

I designed her header for her and had a lot of fun doing and since she also loves photography, I was able to use her own pictures for nearly the whole thing. I like the fact that it makes it more personal.
The second thing that I did for her blog was

a cute little footer. Now this is where the pilfering I mentioned before, comes into play. I saw this idea first on MamaGeek's blog and thought it was so neat.

The opportunity to work on my second site came from Jeff Tovsen, owner of Tone Deaf Guitars. He needed a website, so I fibbed and said I could build it...
I really am ridiculously proud of my first official website. And the great thing, is that Jeff hired me on to maintain the site---so the first thing I did when I found out that he was sucker enough to keep me around, was to create a title for myself. So I am now the IT manager at Tone Deaf Guitars. Now the only thing that I need are business cards. Did you hear that Jeff? I want nice shiny ones...okay? Thanks.

So what is next? Well, I am working on a website for a local comedian/entertainer, and also a little template tweaking for a couple different blogfriends. As soon as I have more finished products I will add them here so check back periodically. And don't forget, if you see what you like and are interested in having me work on something for you, simply ask.

~This is a new section that I am adding to my blog pages. You can find it under "creative bug" in my navigational tabs. I will update whenever I add more work.~

Thursday, August 21, 2008


In honor of our ninth wedding anniversary, I am going to list 9 things that I love about my husband.
  1. I love his laugh and smile.  It is contagious.  To hear him laugh, you instantly have to start laughing too.  
  2. I love that we have the same twisted sense of humor.
  3. I love that we both feel the same way about what we want for our children
  4. I love he provides for me.  And that I can trust him in that.
  5. I love his strong work ethic and that he is respected for it by others, as well.
  6. I love, and am proud of his musical talent.
  7.  I love when he takes the kids out of the house to give me break and focuses solely on them the whole time---I love the memories that he is giving them.
  8. I love his culture and the goodness and richness that it brings to our life.
  9. I love when we met, how special he made me feel everyday---I love the memories that he gave me from that time.
Feliz Aniversario

Monday, August 18, 2008

it's all in the perspective, my dear.

So what do you do on a Saturday, home alone with the kids, with nothing but a cellphone camera and some imagination?

You take some pictures.....
...send them to your husband, and make him think that you plunked down his hard earned money on some unneeded and expensive new toy for the children.

It is at this point, around the third frantic interrogation text message, that you can start laughing...and I don't mean your everyday laughter... this is where you can pull out the evil villainous laughter you have been practicing since 5th grade. Go've earned it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what do you think it is?

Apparently there is something about me that is so irresistible that women want to give me flowers.

Thank you Michelle.

On the other hand, there also seems to be something so resistible about me, that no men seem to find the urge to bring me any.


Must investigate this...

Monday, August 11, 2008

phlegmatically yours

Today is the big day for my x-ray. Of course, the hope is that the gray, cotton-candy looking substance, which unceremoniously invaded my lungs, has taken it's leave of me. Honestly, without going into too much detail, I really haven't been as "productive" as I think I should in getting rid of this gunk. I don't really know what is next, though. I took a strong three day antibiotic that stays in my system for ten days---I am only on my sixth day, so I suppose I should try to be patient for the remaining 4 days. It is just hard knowing that there is a foreign invader in my body. In the past I have taken kindly to foreign invaders...I ended up marrying the last one I came in contact with. Of course Edgard doesn't make me all phlegmy so that could be why he is still around. This current invader is a little less pleasant. Although, having pneumonia garners me more sympathy than being married to Edgard does---so I guess that is sort of a bonus. Other than that I would have to say that having Edgard is better than having pneumonia.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

pneumonia and me

I have been trying to think of the good parts of pneumonia, and the only thing I could come up with was, that the best thing about pneumonia is not having it at all.

Too late.

One really nice thing that has come out of it was this beautiful and romantic bouquet.

Thanks Mom.

The other thing that is admittedly nice is guilt-free computer time. Who is going to guilt a sickly woman with a potentially fatal infection, right? Besides when would they ask me to give up my laptop...between the paroxysms of coughing or all the choking?

This has been interesting, though. I have found that with a little help from my mom willpower and more help from Edgard some ingenuity, you can pretty much parent completely from the comfort of your soggy week old sheets. Just a note: the sheets in the picture are not the previously discussed week old soggy sheets but a brand new set that Edgard put on when I called him from the doctor's office to tell him of my pneumonia.
I could add that to the list of reasons to have pneumonia.---that it will make your husband change the sheets! But, I guarantee that if you have a black set of sheets, no matter how deeply hidden in your linen closet, he will most assuredly dig those particular ones out and use them. Bye bye blue toile sheets, hello shroud-like manly ones. By the way, love the sheets honey, know I am only teasing, right? Please change them again sometime.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

some little bug is going to find you sometime.

I was trying to figure out which part of my thrilling Dr.'s visit I should tell you about.

Maybe the part where every time I had to use the elevator---6 times---I ended up being trapped in there with someone who smelled badly...really badly. And as if that weren't punishment enough, they always got off before I did and there I was... left in in this funky elevator looking highly embarrassed and very guilty. I obviously could have skipped the shower and no one would have been any the wiser.

Then there was the part where I saw John Travolta's character from Love Song for Bobby Long in the waiting room. Well at about age 35 but he looked about as healthy as Bobby Long.

Or there was the fun moment after being jabbed and x-rayed and the waiting....
all the flipping waiting...
I was told that, after being in bed since Saturday, I was going to get the bonus of five more days of bed rest. Yipee! I truly hope the sarcasm hits you right between the eyes in that last exclamation. It is one thing to dream about being able to stay in bed when you are well, but quite another to actually have to when you feel like crud. But no worries...I have my survival methods.

But I think that the main thing that I would like to tell you about my visit today is how I got to find out I have pneumonia. But am I feeling sorry for myself? No Siree! Besides, wasn't it Kin Hubbard who said:

“A true lady or gentleman remains at home with a grouch same as if they had pneumonia”

I don't really know what it means but I dare you to find a quote on Pneumonia while you are miserable in bed with a fever and hacking cough!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

no secret rendezvous for this hot mama

I am sick...please feel sorry for me. I have a temperature of a 103. I've been reduced to a cheesy foreigner song.