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Friday, August 22, 2008

cReAtIvE bUg

In addition to keeping you highly entertained with my wit--and maybe a tiny smidgen of sarcasm--I also enjoy playing around with a little HTML, and other web design related stuff. I don't claim to be any great hand at it, or to have any non-pilfered technical knowledge---I pretty much just started experimenting with my blog template one day and when it was successful...I was hooked!
If you have any questions or want me to create something, you just need to ask. I really love to do it and everything is a learning experience for me.

sotsublehcar (at) gmail (dot) com
And now on to the show and tell (what little there is so far).
Not including the many incarnations of three day blog my first foray into designing aspects of someone else's site, was for Michelle over at brown eyed girl.

I designed her header for her and had a lot of fun doing and since she also loves photography, I was able to use her own pictures for nearly the whole thing. I like the fact that it makes it more personal.
The second thing that I did for her blog was

a cute little footer. Now this is where the pilfering I mentioned before, comes into play. I saw this idea first on MamaGeek's blog and thought it was so neat.

The opportunity to work on my second site came from Jeff Tovsen, owner of Tone Deaf Guitars. He needed a website, so I fibbed and said I could build it...
I really am ridiculously proud of my first official website. And the great thing, is that Jeff hired me on to maintain the site---so the first thing I did when I found out that he was sucker enough to keep me around, was to create a title for myself. So I am now the IT manager at Tone Deaf Guitars. Now the only thing that I need are business cards. Did you hear that Jeff? I want nice shiny ones...okay? Thanks.

So what is next? Well, I am working on a website for a local comedian/entertainer, and also a little template tweaking for a couple different blogfriends. As soon as I have more finished products I will add them here so check back periodically. And don't forget, if you see what you like and are interested in having me work on something for you, simply ask.

~This is a new section that I am adding to my blog pages. You can find it under "creative bug" in my navigational tabs. I will update whenever I add more work.~


  1. You did such an amazing job on that guitar site, I can't believe it was your first one. Seriously, it's AMAZING. Brown Eyed Girls' is really cool too!

  2. Thanks Mamacita K....and luckily I like it...or those three column jobs and demanding bloggers would really get me down :P

  3. you are so great at it! those look great

  4. Rachel: you seem to have been bitten with the same creative bug. You change your blog look often like me and I always like the results!

  5. You are creatively gifted; who knows where this will take you! (And you are gifted with use of the English language; I love reading your blogs!)

  6. Yeah, you ruleth. That's that. Isn't it funny how much time you can spend doing it (it being design)? :)

  7. Linda: thanks...for me I always struggled when I saw people with natural talent and I would ask why don't I have any? ...but then I just dabbled until I found a niche....I wouldn't go far as to say I am talented in it but I definitely love it!

    MamaGeek:No kidding! The only thing that tells me time is passing are the falling of the shadows and the soreness of my rear ;)

  8. Wow, I really like the first blog's header. The combination of colors is very, very neat :D. Look nice, very nice.

    :D It makes me proud to know that my lil' template is being used by this new project. I wouldn't have ever imagined. I like (adore) the background image you used in it. It gives the site a subtle touch.

    Congrats ;). Keep it up!

    You're certainly gifted.

  9. Fernando: Me gifted? I see you have a sense of humor. :P You are half my age and you know three times as much as I is actually quite depressing. ;) YOU keep it up so I always have good stuff to pilfer from you!!! :)

  10. You ARE talented. Heh, someday I wouldn't mind having you revamp my lil ole blog! You're good!

  11. Wow! Those are really great. I have always admired (been jealous of) the look of your blog, old and new. Thanks for sharing your new projects, they are really cool. Congratulations on finding a new hobby/carrer!


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