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Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Well I thought homeschool was going okay, but this morning Anthony asked me what language Archibald, from veggie tales, speaks. 

When I told him english, he said 

As Anthony's teacher....should I be worried?


I am not sure....
but I may have a slight problem with procrastination and follow through....


Monday, September 15, 2008

no hay problemo

So I am doing this whole homeschool thing and I am really thinking... what's the big deal???

This is so easy.

I don't get all the stress and complaining that I am hearing from other homeschool moms.

This is a piece of cake!

So I'll let you know how day two goes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

idiot's guide to teaching

I am now embarking on year two of irrevocably ruining my son's academic career. 
Otherwise known as: 

Rachel does homeschool. 

The program that I am doing consists of classes three days a week with an actual teacher with actual brains. He is taking creative writing, beginning piano, and beginning drawing. I am not sure...but we may be a little heavy on the creative side. 

For academics, we are doing a curriculum called Calvert. I just received the box today and this thing has everything---down to the very I guess I could have saved that $0.99 at Walmart. But my favorite thing is that there is a guide that tells me what everything is for.
Thank goodness. 
I hope it has pictures...
...and an instructional dvd...
....and a real live teacher. 
The great thing is that all of this is for free because we are getting the Calvert through an online academy that is a fully accredited public school. A public school without the evil influence of "the man". I don't know what means but it sounded good. Honestly my reasons for homeschooling are multi-layered, one of which is that I want to be very involved in my children's education. I know all the typical reasons that people are not fans of homeschool...the biggest one being the social aspect. I have thought about this and I have plenty of activities that he does to keep him social---adding up to pretty much 5 times a week for social activities. I defy anyone to find any lack there. I also plan to be very well rounded...I want him to learn so much and I want it to include so much more than being at a table with a book! I am just so excited...!!!
I am probably sounding like a nerd. 
Oh well...nothing I can do about that. 
I'm a nerd.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

extraordinary procrastination: beyond the call of duty

Seriously....don't you love how I say I am going to do something (i.e. my last post) and then I just disappear for nearly 2 weeks? It seems like whenever I tell myself I need to do something, I end up doing everything else but that particular thing. I think I am going through my teenage rebellion---15 years late. I skipped it the first time around. I didn't have any of the fun that all the normal teens have... You know...
...alcohol poisoning, girls gone wild, teen pregnancy... I just really had no fun at all. So now the revolt from my sheltered teen years is coming out by rebelling against myself.
You are welcome mom and dad.
I do fully intend to write that book list. I just wished I would have realized that there was actual work involved before I opened my trap.
Oh well.
And speaking of name is being passed around at my husband's workplace for my mad skillz as a web designer. I guess better that than having it passed around for other reasons. Although I think we should all be proud of our talents wherever they may pun intended.
Without giving away any major information I ended up getting a call from someone that wants me to design a sign for his storefront in our local mall. I have already submitted the design to him and now we are emailing back and forth to fine tune it. Imagine...if he accepts the final sign will be seen by millions of shoppers, punk teenagers and snot nosed whiny kids.
Ahhh, sweet success.
But before success I need to do the actual work. And I am afraid procrastination is not an option as he has a deadline tomorrow...luckily I also happen to be a procrastinator who likes to get things done in the 11th hour.