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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

idiot's guide to teaching

I am now embarking on year two of irrevocably ruining my son's academic career. 
Otherwise known as: 

Rachel does homeschool. 

The program that I am doing consists of classes three days a week with an actual teacher with actual brains. He is taking creative writing, beginning piano, and beginning drawing. I am not sure...but we may be a little heavy on the creative side. 

For academics, we are doing a curriculum called Calvert. I just received the box today and this thing has everything---down to the very I guess I could have saved that $0.99 at Walmart. But my favorite thing is that there is a guide that tells me what everything is for.
Thank goodness. 
I hope it has pictures...
...and an instructional dvd...
....and a real live teacher. 
The great thing is that all of this is for free because we are getting the Calvert through an online academy that is a fully accredited public school. A public school without the evil influence of "the man". I don't know what means but it sounded good. Honestly my reasons for homeschooling are multi-layered, one of which is that I want to be very involved in my children's education. I know all the typical reasons that people are not fans of homeschool...the biggest one being the social aspect. I have thought about this and I have plenty of activities that he does to keep him social---adding up to pretty much 5 times a week for social activities. I defy anyone to find any lack there. I also plan to be very well rounded...I want him to learn so much and I want it to include so much more than being at a table with a book! I am just so excited...!!!
I am probably sounding like a nerd. 
Oh well...nothing I can do about that. 
I'm a nerd.


  1. You have such a wonderful sense of humor. Anthony will love school (and his teacher)!

  2. Linda: I hope he does...I would hate to be the reason Anthony doesn't like school!

    Michelle: And I got to decorate the entire school here ;)

  3. You go girl! I've always been in awe at people who homeschool. You'll do a fabulous job!

  4. Did I knw you were a home schooler?? Wow. Super impressive. I also love your previous post about your rebellion late.. I feel that same way!

  5. Shauna: Well last year I sucked at royally at it so hope that I improve this year. I feel like I have better materials this year and that is important! Thanks for the encouragement!

    Rachel: I think I mentioned being a home schooler a grand total of one time last it was easy to miss. ;)


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