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Monday, October 6, 2008

new mow knee uh

So after a fun few hours in the hospital and multiple attempts at x-rays on a child who only stands on her tiptoes....we got a diagnosis. Irene has pneumonia! What do you mean this sounds familiar???

You would think that I might take pity on her at a time like this and wouldn't make her talk or sing songs since she has lost her voice, right?
And now enjoy a song from Irene (starring pneumonia):

Just a friendly little might need to turn the volume UP!!!


  1. how awful!! A sick child is about the worst! How cute is she though??

  2. Poor baby. I always feel so bad for my kids when they are ill, but the awful truth is, I also love that they are so quiet and easy to keep track of. I may be struck by lightening any moment now for admitting that.

  3. Rachel: Thanks... I think she is pretty cute too especially since this sickness isn't including any runny nose.
    Mrs. Smith: She has been seriously cuddly. I am loving it. Although my son, opn the other hand, turns into an uber-whiny I guess it depends on the personality!

  4. HA! You mean mommy, making her perform at a time like this! :P

  5. I'm sorry to hear Irene has pneumonia.

    (I feel a little dumb asking this question, but is Irene's picture shown in this post and is she really singing? I only see blank space, other than the words of your post.)


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