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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

9 months of rain!

See my water rats?

When you live in rainy Oregon where you get nine months of just have to make do.
I remember my days as a puddle jumper.
Those were the best times to play.
Heck with those boring sunny days...


  1. What a sweet picture of your "water rats!" Oregon sounds like a wonderful place to live.

  2. Isn't nice to live in a place where you can drive an hour in any direction and find different conditions? If you don't like the rain, we've got some snow at the passes. Besides it's better to go to the coast when it's raining, it keeps the sand from flying in my face so much. Can you tell I'm planning an escape?

  3. Linda: for those that grew up here it is but it seems that some people have a hard time with allll of this rain! Me? I love it!

    Lillian: I have always said how lucky we are to have such a lush green place here that never is extreme with its climate and you are so right about different conditions. Oh and if you escape, take me with you...we can make daisy chains like we did in Ashland...remember?


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