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Sunday, November 2, 2008

mother dearest is to blame

My newest addiction is my mother's fault...she sent me the link to the Pirates of the Caribbean online game. I have to say, I enjoyed the movies tolerably well...and I am not wholly unaware of national talk like a pirate day...
...but, all in all, pirates aren't my thing.
Wellllll... weren't my thing.
Now....I am Rachel Bluemorrigan---captain of my own ships...a light sloop named Scarlet Rogue, and a galleon, the Red Queen.
I am also a sometimes crew member on other people's ships as well as skillful with the sword and pistol.

....also, I'm a complete nerd.


  1. looks like fun!! Love the pirate name. haha

  2. yeah unfortunately it is verrry fun...someday I hope to grow up, though ;)


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