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Saturday, December 6, 2008

feliz birthdayo

It is Irene's 4th birthday today.  
So far she is still cute so that is good.  
I suspect that one of these birthday we will wake up to realize she is all arms and legs and very klutzy like her mom.  
But for now she is still cute---so we celebrate.


  1. Happy birthday to dear, sweet Irene. Four years old--the most precious age! (Yes, those awkward years. It seems we all go through them.)

  2. She's beautiful. I bet the awkward years won't last long for her!

  3. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!! Happy 4th, I hope you enjoy it thoroughly Rachel!!

  4. I hope all is well. I miss hearing from you.

  5. I am really getting attached to this darling picture of Irene!


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