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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day (i miss you grandpa)

These pictures are the before and after of our front yard. When we moved in (April 2005) and the next, Christmas 2006.
We are going to spend this memorial day by cleaning up our front yard... we have already weeded and spread most of the bark but ran out right at the last. Now when I use the term "we" I hope that you all understand that this refers to my husband and my husband, only. I am a dismal failure at the whole helping thing. I usually just wander aimlessly around searching for the right tool for the job and truly hoping that said tool does not exist since then I can be exempt from work and appear as if I actually wanted to help...if only I had found that darn
The thing that we need to do to finish the front yard now, is to finish the bark and gravel the side driveway, which we have never done in the two years that we have lived here. We
always mean to do it but unfortunately we are very motivated when it comes to putting things off. The next couple of big projects are the backyard and replacing the fence. I personally am nervous about the fence job since my husband is a city boy who never put one up in his life (in fact he didn't even cross one to come to this country...he came in an airplane) so what does he know about fences...but he has a good helper in let me just go find the right tools for the job.... But seriously, I have been so impressed with Edgard, how he has just waded right into big projects (with help from a book of course). he isn't afraid of a thing. He has done all repairs on our first house (this is our second one we currently live in) such as replace the roof, replace the flooring, and in this house now: a major front yard overhaul, replacing fixtures and so many little things that I couldn't even list them all. I know that we are both slow starters but once we (Edgard) get started there is no stopping us (once again, Edgard).
Just a little side note, I managed to organize my daughter's room. I rearranged the furniture, cleaned over, under and through everything in there. I am very happy with my results. So, see? I am good for something around here even if I try to avoid work like the plague.


  1. I am much impressed with the yard and the room. Even though you spend much time trying not to work, obviously you let down your guard now and then, and get things done! You are going to give all us procrastinators a bad name...

  2. don't worry...will never, completely let down my guard. I will forever "put off".


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