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Sunday, June 3, 2007

just to warn you

I am going to make Mondays---measurement Mondays! I plan to post the all the gory details of my size every Monday for all the world to see. That way, when I shrink away (or the reverse) you will know!
I am as red as a beet right now thinking about posting all that info, but I believe it is for the best. Feedback would be greatly appreciated-----did that sound like I was begging? No? Okay then, how is this? Please, please, please----really, anything at all. Any advice or questions or kudos or even the occasional "get up and move tubby."
So join me this Monday for the first edition of "whoa, big mama" courtesy of: three day blog (that's me).


  1. I must say I'm impressed...that takes some guts to actually PUBLISH measurements online! If the end result (no pun intended) is to help with your fitness goal, then I'm all for it. So here's to Mondays--who knows, maybe in a few months Edgard will not let you post your measurements anymore!!

  2. ...because I will be too rotund?

  3. No, because Jerry Springer will be calling to put you on his show...I can see the title now, "Sexy housewife shares measurements online!"

  4. jerry springer??? Wow I could hear the class-o-meter rating, for my blog, plummet....

  5. Juan Carlos ColínJune 4, 2007 at 3:15 PM

    Desde la ciudad de los 30 Caballeros, Córdoba Veracruz, me uno a esta importante y saludable jornada.
    Cuando uno decide dejar de fumar, siempre recomiendan comunicar la notica a las persona que te rodean, creo que esta idea es fenomenal. Me uno y comparto mi peso: 113kg, nada mas y nada menos. Saludos y aqui nos veremos todos los lunes.

  6. Saludo a todos alla en veracruz y buena suerte con el trabajo en D. F.

    Lo siento...mi spanglish esta terrible!! Gracias por estar mi amigo


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