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Monday, June 18, 2007

monday stats

first week 194.5

last week 190.5

today 191

pounds lost last week (gained) 0.5 pounds

total pounds lost 3.5

I am sure that this week would have been a conservative loss but father's day done did me in!! No excuses----the numbers are what they are and they don't lie. But they won't lie next week either, when I register another good loss like I did the first week. I seriously want to work towards my goal of surprising the heck out of my husband. Just watch me!!


  1. congratulations.. lost few pounds.. keep it...

  2. Thanks keeyit...I appreciate the encouragement!!

  3. congrats on your loss to date.

    and thanks for stopping by my journal

  4. woo hooo!!!! thats great! i've been trying to melt fast too....not telling anyone. just want them to look up and go "whoa! you losing weight?" in which i plan to reply with "a little"

    ha! if they only knew i have plans to drop a 100lbs or so lbs.

    we WILL do this.

  5. Better late than never, here is my weight post. Last week I was 177.5, and this week...171.00. This is on my home scale, which I will use from now on. My scale does weigh a bit light, so I can only clain for sure 4 to 5 lbs. Next week I will use the same scale, and we will see. How 'bout an old-fashioned challenge? Not this week because it's so late, but next week. You could beat me hands (or fannies) down. Rachel do you accept the challenge? Your readers are breathlessly awaiting your answer...

  6. if my reader's are breathlessly awaiting my answer....then breathe, mom, breathe! I accept...I love it!! what's it going to be?


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