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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

procrastination nation is over---here are the house pictures

So...What do you think?
Just a little heads up...we are not actually finished...we still have a lot of trim work that needs to be painted. I also know there will be plenty of people that will prefer the blue and wonder why we painted. It is definitely a matter of taste. My husband and I just happen to prefer understated and neutral.
p.s. I just have to say that I ended up killing all the grass while Edgard was gone (surprise honey) so that it definitely doesn't look very good. Maybe Edgard can work his magic......with the grass, I mean.

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  1. OH I love the new color!! You have got some major curb appeal goin on sista!

    Also.. on my MEME.. Iam not quite sure what the "rule" was, so that is how I played.. THat is probably why my answers were so random!

  2. I liked was a more fun and interesting meme that way.

    Oh and thanks for the compliment. I stared at that darn color for so long while I painted it that I ended up losing all of my objectivity! Nice to hear it from someone else.

  3. I like the color. It is wonderful. Your home is beautiful. I wish I could paint mine...but it is aluminum siding and not so easy to paint.

  4. Thanks so much. I really was expecting people to question why I painted it in the first place so I love hearing the positive feedback!!
    I was wondering, though. I bet you could paint aluminum siding. I am a firm believer in transformation ala paint....for anything!

  5. It looks great. I love the colour, its so positive - reminds me of a clear sunny day.

  6. Thanks groovybabe...I am so glad that everyone seems to like it.

  7. I've been anxiously awaiting the final pics...looks amazing! I much prefer the new color. Good job!

  8. Thanks...yeah...we are so very glad that we no longer drive up into turquoise-land. We should be adding more after pictures once we finish.
    Of course we will probably perpetually be in a state of before and afters over here. See you tomorrow.

  9. With such a blue sky, you don't need a blue house!! (I'm just jealous because it's cold and wet and miserable here).

    It looks cuter now I think. And when your shrubs and stuff get bigger (and your grass grows back in green) it'll be just adorable! :)

    I wonder how much it improved the value of the house because it looks like a more expensive house with the new neutral color!

  10. Well don't be too jealous. It rains about 9 months out of 12 here. I wouldn't change it for the world, though. It makes everything so green. I would have thought that it would be all nice and sunny where you are. I guess that is like the preconceived notion that all of Mexico is sunny and dry.

    Thanks for your comments on the house... I really am feeling more confident about the color choice after all these great comments.

    I was a little nervous because two of my neighbors don't like it!

  11. How could you even question keeping
    Turquoise? For a house?? Can't wait to see the trim and front door done!
    your highly distinguished interior decorator friend! :)

  12. yeah...I guess if I can make you happy....then I suppose the color will do ;)


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