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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

to be continued---continued

You may or may not remember how I had decided to surprise my husband when he got in from his flight from Mexico city. If not, here is the original post for your perusal. I then mentioned it again in the first half of this story which, again I will link to another post (first half of this story) for your perusal. I will assume that you did all of the tedious back reading...or can I assume that you know every word of my blog by heart? I am sure the latter is the case, right?
But just in is an excerpt from my original post about the surprise for Edgard:

"I have another surprise up my sleeve for Edgard. He is flying into a city that is 2 hours distant. When he left, he parked the truck at a motel for a lower fee than the airport's long term parking. Now he is going to arrive Saturday night at 10:00 p.m. and by the time that he goes through customs and catches the shuttle to the hotel to get his truck it will be quite late and he still has a two hour drive in front of him. So this is the plan. My mom is driving up to the same city tomorrow. The children and I will go ahead and drive my mom up to the hotel where she will take the pickup from there and continue on to her destination and we will stay at the hotel. When Edgard gets to the hotel, late and tired, he will see our car instead of the truck with a note saying "Your nutty little family is room ###".
I think that he will be very surprised and pleased since he has called saying that he is very homesick and lonely for us. Plus he can see the newly painted house in the daylight and with a little more sleep!"

So the plan went fine until about two hours before Edgard was supposed to be discovering his truck (one hour before the airplane touched down) he called me. Many thoughts flew through my mind. I thought that he must be calling from the airplane (I also saw dollar signs flying away) and then I thought maybe he got in incredibly early. About the same time the real reason hit me, Edgard verbalized it: "I'm still here in Mexico City".
He was so homesick, the poor guy, and I was so Edgard-sick ( I mean that I missed him---not that I was sick of him)
He was supposed to catch a connecting flight to Guadalajara, have a two hour layover and then catch his flight home. When he got to the airport, however, the board announced that it, the connecting flight to Guadalajara, was canceled.
SO he went to the desk---we will call it, desk "A"---to ask what his next step should be. In his cute optimistic little mind he felt that it would be a simple matter of catching a different flight to Guadalajara and then his original straight shot back home. That flight wasn't canceled. So he asked the lady at desk "A" what he needed to do and wanted to know what was going on. Her answer? "You need to proceed to desk "B" sir".
He proceeded to desk "B". In fact he proceeded halfway across the airport.
It is a huge airport.
That was a lot of proceeding for a guy who walks funny (he really should see it--very cute) Once he arrived at desk "B" and asked his questions...the person there said
"You need to proceed to desk "C" sir". So he proceeded half of the way back to where he originally proceeded from in the first place. Same questions...same answer (only this time insert desk "D") More proceeding...more asking. This time the lady at desk "D" said "you need to be at desk "A" sir". You guessed it...more proceeding. He was actually in a group of about 8 other people at this time that were all trying to either hop a flight to Guadalajara or at least get an answer of what was going on. When he and the other fellow "proceeders" reached Desk "A" they were finally told the flight was canceled.
Not exactly a revelation by this point. Especially considering all of their airport meanderings had taken and hour and a half and the other flight was about to leave anyway.
In the end he got a free room and free meals and a first class flight home the next day. Not too terribly comforting considering that his wife was paying for a hotel room and meals for herself and his two children back home for what, in the end, would amount to 3 days and nights. I also had to tell him the surprise over the telephone when he expressed concern for his pickup truck being parked past the alloted time. I know, I know, I know that I still could have surprised him all the same had I shut my blabber mouth...but cut me some slack...I was sitting on the very big surprise of a newly painted house. It was all just too much for me!
By the way, he loved the house but it was almost anticlimactic (much like this post) at this point since we were all tired and he had to go right back to work the next day. He was just so glad to be back home that he would have been happy even if it was tie-dyed. It sunk in the more he got used to it and the more he heard about what it took to complete it.
My next post will be some of the pictures that he took while in Mexico City.

stay tuned....


  1. lol.....if i have to sit on a huge surprise for LR too long...occasionally "clues' will escape my mouth.

    oh least you had the thrill of the newly painted house to give him.

    i had a similiar experience at the airport back when we flew to New Job City. our flight was cancelled and the gates for the new flight we were assigned to kept changing....then while waiting on our connecting flight home our flight was delayed and delayed and delayed some more. very frustrating.

  2. I cannot keep a secret either...I don't think I would've even made it as long as you did :P

    But its the thought that counts, I'm sure he appreciates what you were trying to do!

  3. I'm sorry things didn't go as planned. But you're still such a great wife! I can't wait for the pictures.

    (And thanks for visiting my blog--I really enjoy yours!)


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