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Saturday, August 18, 2007

33 seconds of pure genius

My husband, the drummer, decided one day that he would like to take up the guitar. This is a sampling of what he can do after a short time of teaching himself how to play. This isn't any particular song---just something that he is making up as he goes along. He has also decided to teach himself bass and keyboard.
Just a side note: This description was written by a very proud wife. No bragging was intended on the part of the husband. In fact, he was asleep when I uploaded the video. Surprise!!


  1. Applause, applause... you know Zach does the same thing. Hears a song on the radio then goes and get's his guitar and plays it. These guys' talent makes me sick! :) Now, you'll have to listen to some of Z's, I haven't had him play for you before have I?

  2. That is incredible. What a gift.


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